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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who in the world would steal a FLOWER?????

See this flower? Think it's pretty? Me too! It was used as a display in a department store for Mother's Day a few years ago and as always, I asked for a freebie! And guess what ya'll? I got TWO of those mugs! It's definitely not for everyone, but Jim and I like them and have always found a place for them in our house.

Here is the one we have in our half bath. Brings your eye away from the pipes. Stop looking at the pipes!

The other one was on the ledge of my bathtub, but this past Fall the boys thought it would make a great floaty and took it for a swim during bathtime. I sat it out here on our backporch to dry out. Looked so nice, I decided to leave it. It adds just the right amount of color.

Doesn't it look so pretty, adds just a nice hint of color! ERRRRRRR, wait, back up...where's waldo? Where's my flower???? It's supposed to be right there!!!!

OH MY WORD---where's my flower? And I didn't leave that blue lawn chair just sitting out there, it was behind the grill over on the far left...hmmm.....and that other tan lawn chair, laying on its side...who knocked that over.
Ya'll, someone stole my flower right off my backporch!!!!!! Absurd it is indeed! See those double french doors...yah, the off white ones, that's our bedroom!
It takes a special kind of taste to like that flower, don't you agree? And for it to be missing off my backporch is just weird to say the least! I mean, I could find plenty of other things on this backporch much more appealing than a flower....a nice gas grill for instance. This is what makes me think this thief had to be a female or a pansy one. I mean, the propane tank is worth more than the grill at this point.
But what about that pretty wicker rocker. It's got real nice cushions.
But the flower? My flower? Who would steal a flower?

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