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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 36: outies, a tire iron and 1 whole cm

     I'm a wimp, a big ole wimp, especially when it comes to pregnancy. I moan and groan the entire 10 months-making it seem like pure agony. Poor Jim, he has a horrible outlook on pregnancy all because of me. He constantly says, "I can't wait to have my 28 year-old wife back." Thing is, he's never going to get her back!  I'm scheduled to turn 29 just 3 days before my predicted due date! Ha! Pregnancy isn't for the birds, I could handle that. People like Pam, Allison and Michelle Duggar---those ladies who fully embrace and enjoy every single minute of their pregnancies-I've decided, must be made of steel.
     Today I had my weekly checkup for week 36---I decorated the specimen cup for the ladies in the lab. Thought I would give them something to smile at while they were messing with my----.......

    I've dilated 1 whole cm {woohoo} and thinned out 50%, but my cervix is still high....Have no idea what that means, but, the doc says she will be out of town next week but doesn't think I will have her next week anyway....Glad she's so optimistic! I guess she sent Carrie Ann a little sonographic memo with her little doplar thingy she uses to hear her heartbeat every week---don't come til I get back!  We can't believe that in no more than 3 and a half weeks our little daughter will be here! Taylor is so exited! He keeps asking if he can tackle her when she gets bigger. Andrew, well, he is still as spoiled as ever, with absolutely no clue that his world is about to be rocked like never before!
     I've been thinking about some things that I will NOT miss after these 3 and a half weeks are up.... my OUTIE belly button. {I'd show you a picture, but I just don't like pregnant bellies} It's funny to say that because I didn't have an outie with the first two babies and I was telling my doctor today, this thing hurts!!! She told me that your belly button is the weakest most sensitive something or the other....she lost me with her first big word...but none the less....I keep hitting it on everything....feels like a huge bruise in the middle of my stomach! Andrew thinks it's a toy button, there on my belly, just for his entertainment. Whenever he is in my lap he will lift up my blouse to find it and press it in, over and over and over! Giggling all the while!
     Jim will certainly not miss the {figurative} tire iron he has to use to roll me over at night! It's tough to get this little girl from one side to the other. I get all snuggled in on my side, comfy, no organs being smushed, yet...ahhh.....then "Hey hun, will you scratch my back?" I can tell by his voice that he asks this with a smile on his face, knowing I'm a sucker for a genuine smile from him! {This is a nightly request}  ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I just rolled over and you want me to rolll back over, scratch your back that you can reach better than me, and then roll back over and hopefully find that comfy place in the pillow again....that would burn like 350 calories to do all that!!!! Someone get the guy a back scratcher, please!!!
     I definitely won't miss accidently turning off the shower water with my big protrusion. Nothing like really enjoying the hot steaming water massaging your face, when suddenly, it stops because your belly has pressed against the knob and turned it off!!!
     My boys and I will definitely not miss me not being able to play and interact with them as I have always been able to do. Jim misses our family walks around the block. Andrew just wants me to hold him...And how I long to hold him without having to immediately put him down because I feel like this baby girl is going to pop right out! ha! All the lumpy and dark patches of varicose veins will not be missed at all either!!!
     There's still lots to do...finish the nursery...her sheets came in today, got her fabric for the bedding and curtains on Monday...the tour will be posted the second I finish!!! Make her door hanger, order her diaper bag at the monogram place, oh, and pack the hospital bag...I keep forgetting that! I did, however, get a new night gown for the hospital. I have worn the same white and blue gown with the boys, but a pink/purple one from Vicky'S is better for this occasion! I can't forget my pink slippers, don't let me forget my pink slippers!!!

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