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Sunday, January 10, 2010

It is Well with my Soul

"Oh Lord, please don't let me die during labor!"  That's what I was praying while the choir was singing "It is Well with My Soul" at church this morning. I love our choir. I love it when I can close my eyes and imagine it's angels singing in Heaven all around the Mighty Throne singing HIS praise. As tears welled in my eyes, the emotional crazy person I am, I began thinking about the condition of my soul and that I knew that if something were to happen to me, it's okay, because IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL-Jesus has been the Lord of my life since I was 19 years old.  But then my thoughts switched to labor and how, if something were to happen to me during childbirth, like if I bled to death for instance, it'd still be okay because I know with Whom my soul lies. I guess I cried because I thought of how much Jim would miss me! And who would nurse my baby, Lord, I really wanted to give nursing another try this time! And would their new mama be as fun as me?
     I know ya'll think that I am nuts, which is partly true, I know I am not the only person who has ever prayed this! I know I have put this request before the Lord at least 2 times in the past! Death during childbirth used to happen all the time back in the day. With modern technology, really educated doctors and lots of cool tools at the hospital, death during childbirth is not as common these days. However, my good friend Lauren did go through this when she gave birth to her little girl last year. It was one of those instances where if it had been back in the day, she wouldn't have made it. She began hemorraging and they had a difficult time getting it to stop. But she was at the hospital and the Lord gave those doctors great wisdom and they knew what to do. So, if you don't mind, when I let you  know that I am in labor and headed to the hospital, pray that I won't die! And that the doctor and nurses will have wisdom when helping deliver this precious gift into this world!
     {This pic is of Lauren & me at our 10-year High School Reunion this past October, isn't she just gorgeous}


  1. Oh Candise - I will definitely pray that for you. :) You are not nuts. I am no where near being in labor (and hope not to be anytime soon) and I often have that fear too. :)Thank you for your sweet comment. We are so excited too and very thankful that God is faithful to answer our prayers. He deserves all the glory! I can't wait to see pictures of that sweet Carrie Ann soon. :)

  2. Candise, It is well with my soul and it is well with yours. We can just praise the Lord for that. I will be praying for you and trusting that God will take care of you as you deliver this beautiful creation God is giving you and Jim.


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