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Saturday, January 9, 2010

All this and a whole 1/2 cm

     After contractions every single night, a Dr. Pepper every morning, over doing it-taking apart 1 crib, 1 twin bed and assembling 1 crib and 2 twin beds, fitting a twin mattress set into my SUV, taking the boys to the mall, putting a bedskirt on my queen pillowtop bed, painting two little boys' room a cute shade of blue {the 5th shade of blue to be added to my house! Guess we love blue}, totally redesigning a former little boy's sports themed room into an OH SO chic and feminine nursery for our soon to arrive little girl, moving out a queen set of mattresses, its' frame & rails and moving in an antique-ish love seat/chaise lounge {I didn't lift these, justs bossed others around}, shopping for some new stylish black boots {not once, but twice-hehehe}, a fun fun fun baby shower with my peeps, oh and taking care of 2 very very very hyper-active little boys and finally some sweeeeeettt quality time with my oh so handsome and wonderful husband, I have only dilated 1/2 cm. {For those of you who are clueless as to what this means, you have your baby at 10 cm}
     You have got to be kidding me! I am at 35 and a half weeks. So today, I nested ALL day long! It was so fun and Jim and I got so much accomplished. We cleaned our house from top to bottom, cleaned out every closet and nook and cranny possible. You should have seen the loot we found beneath the couch cushions...Survivorman would have had a feast! I hand sorted and organized every single piece of clothing either of my boys have ever owned and withdrew what I thought could be used for their little sister. I have 3 Sterlite boxes of outgrown baby boy clothes, 2 boxes of baby book collections that are probably never going to make it into a baby book, a vaccuumed sealed bag of baby boy hats, gloves and mittens, sheets and blankets all waiting for my stronger counter-part to chunk up into the attic. I completely re-organized both the boys' closets and the other is all set for a precious little girl! {If you ever wanted to stop by for a visit, now is the time, less likely chance you'll break your neck on a toy car!} Almost done with 6 loads of laundry and as I walked to the couch to begin this blog, Jim looked at me and said...Wow hun, you must really want to have this baby!!!!
    You better believe it!!!! I am a wimp and I complain, A LOT!!! And yes I know what causes babies! I know exactly how I got myself into so much pain. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If we continue to progress I sure hope I did after ALL we did today, my doc will help me along at 39 weeks! That's only like 4 weeks people!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine my anxiety? Guess you'll be seeing a lot of posts from me until then!


  1. Oh, I bet the new nursery looks great! You should post some pics. That is so exciting, you are almost there!!

  2. That blessed event will be here before you know it. I do think you may be overdoing it!! The nesting just sets in doesn't it? See you Wednesday!


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