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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

See Carrie Ann's Nursery!

     After hours, days and weeks of thinking and planning, Carrie Ann's nursery has become a reality, minus the baby of course! With borrowed help, borrowed ideas and a borrowed sewing machine-Melissa and I were blown away with what came of what was once a toddler boy's sports themed room. {Melissa is my partner in Crafty-Crime, she is a junior at Ole Miss and I bribed her with food, smoothies and make-up to get her to help me!} 
     I know you may think that a nursery isn't that big of a deal, don't feel bad if you do-Jim doesn't understand my excitement either. But, it is to me. This is the first nursery I've gotten to do since we started making babies 3 1/2 years ago, and according to Jim-our LAST! :(
My idea for color and theme came from two sources, this Cocola Couture Delilah bedding:

And this love seat/chaise lounge that a great friend offered to me, for free!!!

Okay, okay...on with it....So what was once this....Taylor's room....

is now, this......

I know, WOW!!!
Okay, let's back up...Here's her pretty door hanger {I borrowed this idea from someone else's nursery, if it's your's thanks!!!}

The yellow dot disc will have her birthdate and size on it. When I was making this, Jim was sitting in the living room...kind of perplexed, wondering how I was going to make that Pac-Man looking thing into a carriage!

When you walk in, to the left is the jack and jill bath that she will share with her brothers. It is our fifth shade of blue and a beach theme...I'll share its' details when I girlify it a little bit. This pretty red mirror was a rush gift from the Troubadors at the W...It used to be blue and white, then I painted it black and finally, when we had our first house, I painted it red and added these white beads left over from has been sitting in the craft closet awaiting adoption until now!

The little red and white hat box was a $3 find at Hobby Lobby that will hold her baby keepsakes that will probably never make it to a baby book. Look how optimistic I am! Her name was made with my new Cricut machine that Mrs. Debbie gave me for Christmas. {See tutorial here} That red striped thing in the far right corner on the floor is a memory/bow holder I made and haven't found a space for just yet. The changing table/little dresser was white and I took pictures of it's transformation as I spray painted it brown, but my camera ate those files and so all you get are the knobs.
I bought this drawer set along with the white wicker rocker that sits on our back porch for Taylor back in 2006 for $75 from a friend. I knew I'd grow to love it someday!

To the right you see the chaise, with 2 blankets, one that was the original baby bedding comforter that I bought for Taylor at the New 2 You consignment sale here in Tupelo when it was over at the National Guard Armory back in 2006..I paid $20 for that bedding back then and you wouldn't recognize it today. The other blanket, the brown and red one, I made. It's one of two that I made for CA and the only two I will ever make...they were hard! The little end table was made by my real dad when I was an itty bitty baby, or so I am told. the lamp on the bottom was an Ikea find--it has cherry blossoms on it.

These frames were all Ikea finds as well! Jim picked out the big center frame...didn't he do a good job...I was proud of him!!! Melissa put the brown/polka dot material inside the center frame...When I find some red or white ballet slippers, I'm going to hang them in the middle of that frame. The two side mirrors were just black square mirrors I found at Ikea for $2 and Melissa stamped them with a gold damask design that matches the design on the back wall curtain.
On this same wall is the window...oh the window treatments.....

I got all this material, plus the bedding material from PHi Fabric Warehouse on South Gloster. I love that  place!!! The red is a silky type material with red velvet polka dots on it. It had to go floor to ceiling to match the main back wall. The cream sheer is of the same fabric, but with tone on tone vertical stripes. I tied them up with brown ribbon and they puddle at the bottom. The black fabric you see hanging by an extention rod is dark material that makes the room darker when the curtains are drawn in the evening or during naptime to make for a more peaceful sleeping baby!!!  The curtains and shear are attached to the top of the wall using a .99 wooden stick from Hobby Lobby and a staple gun...may Jim never see how many holes I have put into this wall!!!

I haven't found the perfect spot for the tutu that Jennifer made for CA, so for now, it adorns the closet door, right beside the bow holder that Melissa and I made. {See tutorial here}

Now, for the main attraction!!!

The crib is on it's third turn with all the teething marks to prove it! The Delilah bedding I spoke of earlier was wayyyy too expensive and was just way too busy for the chaise lounge, so I took to making my own bedding but using their original idea. Cocola Couture suggested blue walls...well what do you know---This wall was already blue compliments of Taylor's previous decor!  I had to girlify it so we hung this light brown, sheer material that we found at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2 a can't beat that people! It has a darker brown damask design printed on it. I added a cream border to it to frame out the wall and existing applique using some frabric I already had hanging out in my craft closet.

For whatever reason, when Jim and I put this applique on the wall almost 2 years ago, we didn't center it....I was 8 months pregnant then so there is absolutely no telling what I was thinking. Melissa cut the cherry blossom to the right out of some off white paper using the Cricut and we attached to the wall using spray adhesive.

By making a duvet for the existing off-white bumper and re-covering the old quilt with the same material from the windows, I saved myself Jim, a lot of money!!!

See those dark red ties...there are like 36 of those babies on that bumper. I made them from the same material on the windows and I guilted Jim into turning about half of them right side out for me after I sewed them!

I even made a new bedskirt.....Isn't is sooo cute!!! Guess you gotta see it in person to really appreciate it!

Check out that mobile!!! This was the original mobile. Jim's mom gave to us for Taylor.

I took it apart, and spray painted the skeleton...note to self: open garage door when spray painting in garage in sub-freezing temperatures!

Using coordinating ribbons, and some shatterproof Christmas ornaments, Melissa and I came up with a one-of-a-kind crib mobile!!!

So there you go!!! It's feminine and chic...not at all what I expected it to be when we started planning, but now I LOVE it!!!
That's what I've been soo busy doing these last few weeks. Still gotta add some accessories here and there, but otherwise I am so excited that Carrie Ann's nursery will be one she can grow into for years to come.


  1. Gorgeous!! Of course I knew it would be. I cannot wait to see a beautiful little girl I that bed.
    Love you !!!!!'

  2. Ok, I heard my phone start dinging so I rolled over to check out who was texting me, and boy have I been entertained for over an hour! Iwas sound asleep but it has been so worth it! think I have read your whole blog right from my iPhone in my bed! I didn't know you had a blog.
    Your baby room you created is precious! You are such an industrious woman, and sooo funny. Yep, life can be lemons, HE adds the sugar and then it is so sweet ,just get your basket ready, there's more lemons comin, but with Jesus in our lives there will alwsys be lemonade! Thanks for sharing. Love you, Andi nolan
    Love you! Andi Nolan

  3. Great Job! Fabulous it!

  4. It's so cute!! I can't wait to see it in person!

  5. ADORABLE! Such a crafty momma!

  6. Awesome! Especially the mobile, what a great idea!

  7. Oh my, it's beautiful. I can tell that much love went into the planning of that room. So sweet!

  8. Carrie's room is so cute! You did a great job creating everything! And I love that mirror Jim picked out! I have one very similar to that somewhere in storage=)


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