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Friday, January 8, 2010

she WILL wear this!

     Isn't this the cutest thing ever!!!!!! My gorgeous and sweet friend Jennifer made, yes made this for my little Carrie Ann. {I'll have to get the tutorial for this and pass it along to you} I absolutely love, love, love it. It's too pretty to hang in the closet, gotta find a place for it to hang in her oh so chic nursery! {Tour still to come when it is complete} Even as I sit here writing this, visions and plans for this tutu are soaring all around my head!!! Amanda of Reflections by Amanda Smith will be taking Carrie Ann's baby pictures and I just know she will have some super adorable uses for it!
     There's always a but! Bless him, Jim thinks it's awful! Yah, says his little girl is not wearing this. He didn't even know what it was, I had to explain! He has 4 sisters and 2 nieces, I don't understand how he missed the tutu bandwagon. As I sat on the living room floor showing him all the adorable and cutesy pink things that the gals in my Sunday School class gave for Carrie Ann at my shower last evening, I was crushed, was he serious? People, pray for me...well, for him. I don't think he has grasped the idea or even the thought that we are having a girl just yet!  I see now that my fear of pink is not my own fear, but one that has culminated over the last  3 and a half to 4 years of doing ALL blue and ALL sports. I am once again blaming him! {Just kidding} Somehow he will need to be transformed into thinking just a little pink and just a little girly!
     Don't worry ya'll, she's gonna be in this Tutu one way or the other. You will see it again!!! I will have the last word on this one!!! {I love you hun!}


  1. Oh when I saw it on my dashboard I immediately started bouncing in my chair thinking of the picture opportunities before I even read your blog!! :)

  2. Oh yes, she WILL be wearing it! I've got your back, girl!

  3. When Jim sees her in it, he is going to think she looks beautiful! I just know he will!


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