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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Birthday Cake for a Saviour!

     I've started a tradition with Taylor to make a Birthday Cake for Jesus on whichever day we choose to celebrate His birth! It is so much fun! Taylor gets to pick out whatever kind of cake and decorations on the cake aisle. He usually ends up walking through the grocery store holding the cake mix in his arms. For the second year in a row, Taylor has picked a pink Strawberry cake with pink Strawberry icing for Jesus...I'm sure he doesn't mind! We make a big deal out of it every year, because it is a big deal!

We now know that cake decorating is not one of my many talents!!!
He's planning his attack!

All he seems to think exists are blue sprinkles!!!

It really did taste and smell much better than it looks!!!  But it's the thought that counts!!!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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