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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Easy-Peasy Labor Delivery (I pray)

     The massage therapist laughingly said, "Candise, it's sad that you are looking forward to labor, just for the break!"
     Some of you might be thinking...she is soooo impatient, that  baby girl will come when God is ready for her to come. I agree, you are exactly right!
     However, I will elaborate a little on why I am ready for this precious little gift to be here!
     First of all, I've been having contractions on and off and sometimes for an entire day since week 34...I am a week and half from my due date today and have only progressed to 1cm...She's at the -2 station so she's entered my pelvis thingy and therefore preventing me from bending, walking or sleeping like any normal person. If I am going to be in this much pain, I want it to be for something...seems like we are getting nowhere!
     Then, I am definitely looking forward to that break! Yes, I am actually looking forward to labor!!! It's our third time around, we know what to expect. The decision for pain management has been made for me, eliminating the stress of knowing I will have to make that decision. My plan {God might have different plans, but I am praying we are on the same page} is to labor at home til a certain point, then head to the hospital...get shot up with a sweet epidural and then relax! Easy-Peasy-Lemon Squeezy...maybe I'll even get a nap in! ha....then, that precious little girl will come and we'll be in the hospital for a few days, peace! ahhhh....The amount of chaos and noise that goes on in a delivery room and the few days that follow are no where near the activity that goes on at my house on any given day! Then, once we go home, Jim will be home for a week, loving on his favorite little boys like no one else can and I can just relax and enjoy my little girl. Like our little mini-sleeples-vacation!
     And finally, a lot of my impatience is simply due to anxiousness in meeting this little girl. We can't wait to see who she is going to look like, Jim or me! Taylor is the spitting image of Jim (with my personality), Andrew has a few of my traits, complexion, eyes, but looks a lot like his brother (with Jim's personality). Now get this...if Carrie Ann comes out with a head full of dark brown hair---you are for sure to hear about it! I'm the odd ball out in my family, being the only Filipino (half). I don't look like anyone I know or that I am related to. Andrew's my closest resemblance, and well, he's a boy! 
    So maybe now you can see that I have the same anxieties and reasons most of us have when we are trying to speed up labor and delivery.
     Today we finally got to finish the playroom. Only have to get our chair and do wall accessories. I'm keeping the laundry caught up, just in case we are caught off guard. The boys' lovebugs are on pins and needles, texting everyday wanting to know how we are doing.
     I'm headed back to see the doc on Monday, and on Wednesday, CA will be 39 weeks and at that point the doc will do what she can to help speed things along.
     I have a million blog posts that are just waiting to be jotted down....i.e. recipes, Cooking Club, my boys!!! Stuff like that. Pray for us as we head into this, the final stretch. We will be a family of 5 in the next few days or so and we are beside ourselves, anxious, tired and a little exhausted as well.

Cheerful laugh for the day!

Another perk of pregnancy I will own personal little food tray!


  1. Somebody has been watching Chuggington (easy squeezy LOL)! Colby can't get enough..... I want to watch choo choo peez (for the 20th time today). Anyway you look great and I pray everything goes great!

  2. I am praying everything goes beautifully for you! I know you are ready to be free of the pain you have experienced, but you have certainly gone on like normal. You are amazing and fun!

  3. Here's to hoping your lil girl inherits "ethnic" hair! I was the same way since Tim is 1/2 Thai and his baby pics, he had a head FULL of thick, dark hair. Shelby Claire had a tiny bit of hair when she was born but SO not like a true Asian baby :( Hopefully Carrie Ann will decide to come on. The end is the worst time!

  4. Hey girl--I love labor and delivery--everyone always looks at me like I am nuts but I do. I was soooo disappointed when I had to have an emergency c-section with

    I pray it is smooth as butter.

    I wanted to let you know there is also the opportunity to have your name in the give-a-way 10 more times if you blog about it and those prizes are worth it.


  5. Congrats Candise! I saw a couple pics of FB. she is gorgeous! cant wait to see more pics. hope you are doing well.


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