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Sunday, January 3, 2010

bye-bye Crib, love Andrew

     Carrie Ann will be here shortly and she'll need a place to sleep, so Andrew had to say goodbye to his crib and hello to the Big Boy Bed!!! It was sad as I folded and put away the blue sheets for what may very well be the very last time ever, tear.
     I documented the transition in preparation to tell you all about it, but it only took us one night!!! Andrew will be 18 months next week so he is moving a month before Taylor did, but he is a better sleeper than T was and he isn't as restless at bedtime either. I'm not a fan of bed rails for my own reasons, I don't want to have to teach them to sleep without a boundary twice. I want to teach them to learn the boundaries from the beginning, to see what it's like to get too close to the edge and also, what it's like to fall off so they try not to fall off the bed. That doesn't work for everyone, but it's worked for us, twice!
     We don't make a big deal of it, just very impromptu, hey tonight we're gonna try the big boy bed...

The first night, after he finally fell asleep 15 minutes after being put down, he had rolled to the side.

I moved him back to middle and checked on him later and he was still there. I put pillows around him in the beginning to help him know where the edges are.

This is the way we found him when he awoke the first morning after his first night in the big boy bed!

This is the way we found him after his nap on the second day!

Lovely hair son!!!

Our big boy seems to be alright...he's only fallen off a few times! But as you can see from these following pics, it hasn't hurt him a bit!!!

Trying to wake his brother up from his nap so he can annoy him!!!

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