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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Melissa: Partner in crafty-crime!

     So glad to have Jim back home after being gone for 3 days! However, Melissa and I got A LOT done! It's the greatest thing in the world to have a partner in crime when you are nesting and feeling oh so crafty!!! Melissa is an Ole Miss girl out on break with nothing better to do than hang out with me and my circus and help out while I am {supposed} to be off my feet! It's so much fun having someone giving an honest opinion when you are creating something than the usual "sure hun, looks fine to me." Melissa was full of energy and great ideas for Carrie Ann's nursery. Tonight I'm gonna share two of our projects with you. When the room is complete, I will give you an official TOUR!!!! 
     Here was our first project --this adorable ballerina inspired bow holder. I borrowed the idea from someone else's blog or facebook album...not sure who's exactly. If it was your's, thanks for the idea!!!

     The entire project cost around $7 and here's how we did it!  I started off by tracing a tank top of mine onto some left over foam board I had in the craft closet. Then, using scissors {I recommend an exacto knife, it makes a much smoother edge}, cut the top out.

     We found a fabric at Hobby Lobby that was on sale 30% off and that coordinated with the nursery. I bought half a yard and only used half of it. I cut it out about an inch and half larger than the foam board. I cut slits to allow for curves and tight places. I sprayed the foam board with spray adhesive {which I had from another project} and pressed the foam board down firmly.

     Then I turned it over, folding the edges and securing them to the foam board. You might have to cut slits to allow for curves and fabric overages in some places.

     For the skirt we cut some red tulle that I had from Christmas. Melissa cut some longer, some shorter and we staggered them along the waistline of the top.

     Using a hot glue gun, we put a thick row of glue along the waistline. Then we gathered the tulle at the waist and pressed it down firmly {Warning: HOT glue is HOT!!!} We placed three strips of red satin ribbon spaced out along the waist.We found these cute yellow flowers to coordinate with the nursery. They were our big ticket items at $1.67 a piece and sadly not on sale at Hobby Lobby. {We were both already using 40% coupons on other items! heehee} We de-stemmed them and glued them on top of the tulle and the strip of ribbon.

We scallopped the bottom of the tulle and added a red ribbon to hang. And WahLAH!!! Now all it needs to be finished is a lot of little girly bows!!!! {they clip onto the dangling ribbons}

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  1. Awesome idea! I can't wait to see the entire nursery!


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