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Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the hormones keep comin'

     I remember when I realized I was pregnant {this time}- I was reading the newspaper and a little 2 liner about some firefighters who had hoisted a flag in honor of a past colleague made me sob. I couldn't stop crying! It's been worse this time around and I have decided it's because I have a double dose of hormones. Jim and I are in for it!
     Tonight is just another example. I had just felt Carrie Ann moving down around my hips, she was sending shrills down the front of my legs...she's literally working her way out I think! I crumbled onto the bathroom floor, Andrew quickly hopped into my lap to hug me. Jim and I were sort of laughing...I'm pitiful I tell you!  My hero helped me up. I sat down on the love seat in our bedroom, that was as far as I could make it. Jim said to the boys, "Okay, bedtime." And let the water works begin!!! I mean spewing tears, uncontrollably! Never had I not liked bedtime before. Taylor had a look of fear on his face...What's wrong mama, are you sad? Jim quickly sat down beside me. All I could think of was that the boys were going to bed and I was going to miss them. Once Jim said they could stay up a little longer, Taylor and Andrew ran to the kitchen and came back with spatulas and spoons and began to bang on the bottom of the clothes basket, saying, Mama, we'll cheer you up! It was so sweet, so precious, and only made the tears more steady!
     Jim didn't know what to think. He just hugged me. I think he was trying to figure out what he had done! Poor guy! Then I explained everything that was on my mind through sobs and tears! I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't remember a bit of it because I don't think that I was making much sense at all! The boohooing lasted about 15 minutes, until our ears really couldn't take the plastic serenading any longer.
     The boys are finally in bed, I'm tear free, now I want a Dr. Pepper ice cream float! This might just be a long night!


  1. Candise, Jim did the right thing in just hugging you because one cannot reason with a female if the hormones are raging!! We just need to know we are loved even if we aren't very loveable at the time. Are you coming to Bible study this week? Hope so!

  2. Aw..hang in there girl! I was catching up on Colby's baby book because I know once Chase gets here there won't be as much time. The first baby picture made me cry like a baby.


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