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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Candise's Minutia

     I've been busy and exhausted, maybe a little too busy because this little baby girl dropped into her arrival position and caused an earthquake throughout my body! Literally! She's not due to arrive for another 5 weeks so the doc told me to really get off my feet! You'd think getting to sit for the last week would give me all the time in the world to blog, but it has exhausted me instead. I've had GREAT friends here with me around the clock and Jim made sure we made the most out of a miserable situation and I have to say it's been the best holiday break thus far! So now you are just going to get bombarded by all the minutia that has been swimming around in my head since way before Christmas!
     Here's what all you have to look forward to:  The Sunday School Dinner party that had a wild game menu that was out of this world; Christmas craft ornaments that will become a tradition for my kids; Taylor's birthday cake for Jesus; a cinnamon crumb cake that I stalked at the doctor's office;Why I love Hampton Inn's;  the ground flying up and hittin me and the bizarre outfits I found on a shopping trip to the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL;  the IKEA experience; and lots and lots of adorable pics of my precious boys!!! I'll link them all to this page once they are all complete! So glad to be back!
Cheerful tip of the day:
My solution to tearful eyes while chopping onions! I just happened to be wearing my glasses this day.

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