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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gone Bananas!

     It is finished! The nursery if finally finished!!!! So while you wait for me to upload all my photos and unload my mind onto my keyboard, here is something for your entertainment!!!

Last night I went to Walmart. Everytime we go to Walmart we buy bananas, even if I am going just for mascara, I buy bananas. Every person in our family eats one everyday, that's 4 bananas a day. That's 28 bananas a week!!! So when the banana rack looks like this, you scratch your head and wonder what you are going to do...

I messaged my friend who is a mgr at the other Walmart in town, just to find out if maybe this banana shortage had something to do with the devestating earthquake in Haiti. This is what he had to say: "Our bananas are supplied by Dole. It is based in California. The bananas they supply can come from Guatemala, Honduras, or Costa Rica...Bananas are the largest selling items in a Walmart store"

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