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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Sunday School Christmas Party '09

     Can I just tell you how much I love our Sunday School Class? Not just because of their generosity, sincerity or their genuineness (Jim's wording there!), but for their great cooking skills too!!!!! Seriously I have absolutely loved being back in this class over the last year and a half. The people are real, honest and there for you anytime you need them. They have a strong desire to grow in Scripture and in the Spirit and have allowed Jim (yes, my Jim) to take them on some deep walks through some hard stuff in God's precious and Holy Word!!! We absolutely love to fellowship, we even make up our own occassions and celebrations. One thing that is always present is food! And usually, lots of it! This year Adam and Anastasia Tullos hosted our Christmas party at their home. The grill was smokin' and the Wassail brewin' by the time everyone arrived. (I am soooo thankful I am pregnant and was able to wear elastic wasteband britches this evening!!!)
Adam skewering Antelope Kabobs

I have learned from cooking club to try everything, and I have to say....OH MY WORD...these things were soooooooo ggooooooooooood
Adam also threw on some Mallard Duck Poppers
They were spiced up with jalapenos, but paired with the blue cheese dressing, they were absolutely perfect!

This is the first time I ever had a Deep Fried Turkey and I have to say it is the juiciest turkey I have EVER had!!!
Frank & Jen brought some Deer Sausage, a spicy and a non-spicy version.
Let's just face it, there wasn't a thing I didn't like!!!!!!

Frank paired it with this Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip--Which was GREAT!!!

Rob & Shonda brought some very very very delicious Deer Sausage Balls.

The steam on these Baked Potatoes & Onions speaks of their deliciousness!

Cristina brought her favorite, King Ranch Chicken, it's a very very YUMMY recipe from Company's Comin' at celebration Village.

Jennifer also brught this great Chinese Coleslaw!!!

Anastasia also prepared this yummy Shrimp Chowder!!

Lori made this Greek Pasta Salad.

This is the first time I ever had Wassail and I can't wait to have it again!!!!

These little bread things were great....who brought these?

Jim LOVED this fruit salad....

And you can't have a Christmas dinner without a Sweet Potato Casserole!!! Doesn't it look perfect!!!

The Chrismonds brought this OH MY WORD so good Greek Spaghetti!

I have no idea what this is, but I remember I ate 2 helpings of it!!!!

We also had a lucious chocolate cake that I wanted to dive into head first...It was Oh SO Good!!! There was a Paula Deen Pumpkin Pie, and so much more that I have forgotten or missed! Guess next year you will just have to come and taste for yourself!!!! Thanks to all our class for such a wonderful evening of food and fellowship. We love you!!!!


  1. that greek spaghetti looks amazing! you might have to steal that recipe and post it! :)

  2. I'm cracking up at the individual pictures of all of the food! LOL


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