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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love Hampton Inn

     There were so many factors around our decision to stop at a hotel on our way to northern Illinois to spend Christmas with Jim's family. The first being-me! I'm pregnant if you haven't noticed and it was just a smart thing to do in that case. The other being, that last year we were just driving through the night, as we have all the other times without incident, but we got stuck in a snow storm the entire drive and I thought we would die when we stopped to rest at the rest area along our route. You might be thinking...Candise, do you not remember your experience with the No-tell Motel  in downtown Memphis just a few short weeks ago? {Read about that nightmare here}.
     Well, we thought for sure we were glutting for punishment, but we came much better prepared this time! We had since transitioned Andrew to the big-boy-bed, {See how we did it here} so he could sleep on his own. It would be around midnight and the boys would surely be super tired. We had a game plan!!! Which included a Hampton Inn!!! We've been visiting Hampton Inns ever since our honeymoon in the Keys and Jim and I love them!!! They've been completely re-modeled and they are so chic and homey on the inside. Besides the great decor, the free breakfast also pleases us!!! They aren't cheap, across the parking garage stripper bar kind of breakfasts either, they go all out!!! This one even had a waffle maker and gourmet coffee!
     We stopped in Effingham, IL...I don't know where that is, just know it's between Tupelo and Rockford, IL! Our room worked out GREAT for us!

See the chaise lounge over there!  That made the perfect bed for Taylor! He loved having his own little bed in the hotel room!

Then they have these cute and handy tray tables you can use...made for a great snack table for Taylor while I finished getting ready in the morning!
I mentioned a gameplan...we decided a warm bath would help the boys get comfy and ready for bed once we got to the hotel. While bathing the boys, I noticed this sign of the times...instructions for the shower!!!

     Needless to say, Hampton Inn restored our faith in traveling overnight with our boys! We were SO proud of them!!! They can stay in a hotel overnight and we can even get some sleep while doing it!!! Now if we can just get people to stop staring at our circus during the continental breakfast!

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  1. At least your circus involves 2 kiddos, try doing it with 4, people just look at us in wonder.



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