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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I can't believe they sell this stuff!

    Jim is always talking about the mall in Schaumburg, IL...a suburb to the east of Chicago. I guess it's huge, I couldn't tell, I could hardly walk and there were like a million people in there, so that made it smaller for me! For Christmas he planned a day of shopping at this spectacular mall for his little sister Carrie and me! No matter how I was feeling, I wasn't going to turn down a day of shopping-no way! Even if it was supposed to be like 3 feet of snow that day, we were going!
This is what it looked like that morning!

     It was the day after Christmas, and this may very well have been the day that started this earthquake business with Carrie Ann....You see, on the morning of Christmas Eve, we had an ice storm, then rain all day Christmas Day, followed by freezing temps that night and then, you guessed it...snow! So when I stepped out of the car at the gas station on the morning after Christmas to go in for a cappuccino, the icy ground flew up and hit me!!!  People, it was absolutely hilarious!!! I'm still laughing about it! Carrie was in the back seat and because of those darn child safety locks had to just watch from inside until I could pull myself together and stop laughing long enough to wipe the cold snow off my bum and open her door! Jim was on the other side of the car getting gas and missed it all. He had no idea of the fun his pitiful wife was having over there! A non-gentleman at the adjoining pump asked if I was alright...maybe if he had noticed I was with child, he might have helped me up and I'd remove that non! It's incidents like this that make me realize why God gave me a good sense of humor!!!  Okay pull yourselves together and stop laughing, I want to tell you about the stuff I saw at this huge mall!
     The first thing that caught my eye was this...made me think of an ewok or something...

I tried on the small, so a large....well...

I know I am a mother of almost 3 kids and live in Mississippi, but I am NOT that far removed from fashion and I am seriously beginning to think that dressing like an ostrich is not FASHION!

Just in case you can't tell, those are zippers making those ruffles on the sleeves...

Here, you can see it better! Someone please tell me when zippers became an accessory?

Ladies, seriously, this reminds me of the 80s and if you have this or anything like it in your closet you should seriously consider a trip to Goodwill!

Bedazzled stonewashed sweatshirts are not cute, on anybody!

I'm not even going to go there on this one, just going to point out a few things...notice the ribbon at the back of the's a nice touch, huh! Don't forget the chain cuffs and exactly where those buttons across the chest lie! Yah!!! Watch OUT!!!!

Cheerful pic of the day!
Our car after shopping in the mall...Jim held my hand very tight after that slip-up at the gas station!



  1. You must have been at Forever 21! They are selling the craziest stuff these days!

  2. I am with you, yikes on those fashion boo boos.
    I did not even go into a mall this Christmas, went anywhere else I could so I didn't have to go, so I guess I did not miss a thing.


  3. You always make me laugh!! So glad you were not hurt and yes God did give you a marvelous sense of humor!!!


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