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Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 things I WILL miss after pregnancy

     Okay, maybe 4...or 5!

1.   I will definitely miss keeping Carrie Ann so safe...well as safe as a mother of 2 toddlers can! I've only fallen 3 times.  I'll miss taking the Lord's Supper while pregnant...I've gotten emotional everytime we do this at church while I am pregnant, knowing that this will be the last time they get to partake until they are Believers....I think too much!
2.  Sympathy votes...people are prejudice towards pregnant ladies...most of the time...there are exceptions to this, but I remember sticking out my barely 6 month pregnant belly as far as I could to the parking guard at the Nashville marathon in hopes that he would feel sorry for me and let me park up next to the worked...or when you are in LensCrafters and they break your glasses and you burst into tears and they want to do whatever they can to make the pregnant woman feel better and to stop spewing like a hydrant so in a tizzy they give you 50% off a new set of lenses and frames.
3.  I will definitely miss the extra 3 seconds the big belly bump allows you to add to the 5 second know, the food falls, hits the bump, bounces, goes air bound and then....the 5 seconds begin!!!
4.  Sucking in my stomach to make people think I actually do ab workouts like my husband!
5.  The great excuse for everything that goes awry....oh..officer, I'm pregnant and I think my water just broke, or yes, Insurance agent, I forgot to pay our insurance this month, did you know I was pregnant? and then the very next month... Jim says-hey hun, got a call from ins. agent...said you paid the insurance twice this month...hey honey, why is there a gallon of milk in the pantry? CANDISE!!!!....upon monitoring our online banking...YOU PAID OUR MORTGAGE TWICE THIS MONTH... to which I respond, shocked myself--I'm sorry Jim, it was a tough day, being pregnant and all!--gotta use the pouty lips with this one and it usually helps if you are looking pretty cute at the time too!


  1. Ha! when I was preggo with Shelby Claire, I left a box of mac and cheese in the fridge. I guess that's better than milk in the pantry!!

  2. I must admit that I loved to play the pregnancy card! The security guards at work used to let me park in the visitor spots so i wouldn't have to walk as far to get to my office building. But now, if I park there, they call within 5 minutes for me to move. ha ha

  3. Don't worry, after this baby gets here then you can blame all your stuff on "young mother with 3 kids, ages 3 and under." you got it made for a few more years.

  4. I do miss some things about pregnancy especially knowing I will never be pregnant again. We are done with 4 little blessings and 2 in heaven.

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