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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I heart my new Cricut!

     For Christmas my sweet sweet sweet friend, Mrs. Debbie, gave me a personal Cricut. I have no idea what it is or aware of it's full potential, but I do know, it came in very very very handy in creating projects for Carrie Ann's nursery! I do know it is a machine that is like a little computer that cuts out letters and pictures or whatever you program it to cut out of paper, vinyl, etc. {A lot of scrapbookers use it, I'm not a scrapbooker, go figure, so I am really new to this} Anyhoot, Melissa and I have had a blast this past week exploring all the crafty things we could do with it!!! {Who in the world is Melissa you ask? Click here to find out}
     Months ago I found this idea in a Pottery Barn catalog that I thought would be fun to replicate. I'm talking about the glittery DREAM dangling across the windows.

All this project cost us was 2 bottles of glitter and a can of spray adhesive. We double teamed them and had a 40% off  for one bottle of glitter and for the spray adhesive. Using the Cricut, we cut out the letters for Carrie Ann's name and a Robin to go in the middle using the Storybook font. We used some cardstock that was already in the craft closet!

We coated each letter with spray adhesive and then with glitter. To get really good, sparkly coverage, we repeated the steps, spraying the letter again and re-glittering.

You'll have to wait until the Nursery Tour {coming soon} to see why we made the robin blue}. After letting the letters completely dry, I punched little holes in them and strung a thin brown satin ribbon through them. It's the perfect touch to C.A.'s nursery!!! Thanks for my Cricut Mrs. Debbie!!!! I heart it!

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  1. Loved both of the projects! You are doing great in little Carrie Anns's nursery!


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