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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sitz Minerals & Massages

     When I think back to my 1st pregnancy, I laugh at two major misconceptions I had. I totally blame all you wise ladies who air on the side of caution trying to be modest---take it from me and the following two instances, give full details please!
     I don't remember which week or visit it was when my OBGYN told me that I needed to start doing perineal massages! I had a list every week of things I needed to ask about and apparently I had asked what were some things I needed to do to be prepared for labor and delivery. So at her suggestion I got all excited-I couldn't wait to tell Jim that the doctor told me to get a p---- something massages! She told me to look it up online for more information. I went back to work, told a co-worker she told me to get some kind of massage. It's her fault too, she had 2 kids already and she didn't even clue me in. I was wondering where I could go in Tupelo to get one of these massages. I wonder if it's considered like a prenatal massage of some sort...hmmm. Called Jim, told him...he asked, well, hun, how much do those cost? You're laughing at us aren't you? Don't feel bad, I'm laughing about it myself!  So if you are still in the blue as I was, here's the link to WebMD and you can look up Perineal Massages up for yourself! Yah, can you imagine my surprise when I realized how un-informed I had been!
     Then, a few of my great and wonderful, wise, older and very experienced mother friends were divulging about labor and delivery to me and kept going on and on about how AWESOME the sitz bath is. And Candise, if they ask you if you want one, you tell the yes, yes, yes!!! I was getting excited. In my naive mind a sitz bath sounded like a spa like rub-down, I could just lay there and they bathe me in sitz minerals, or something like that. Stop laughing! So I'm all hyped up..I get a sitz bath, I get a sitz bath! WooHoo! I settled into disappointment and confusion when I asked about it and the nurse brought in this ugly mustard colored pan and tubes and a bag and asked if I needed any help to the toilet...Okay, I said sitz bath, maybe you didn't hear me clearly the first time. Nope, she heard me alright. How in the world could I have messed this up in my head so badly??? Yah, the sitz bath was great alright, but...not at all what I was expecting. Never got that spa-like rub-down either, hmmm.

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