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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reinvented Christmas deco!

     This year we had to put our Christmas tree in the playroom because we have a tv console where we had our tree last year, leaving my mantle and fireplace free game for some awesome Christmas decorations. However, Jim told me I could do whatever, as long as it didn't cost anything...hmmm...gee, thanks hun! I got an idea a few days ago from a craft blog, I can not find it anywhere or I'd link you, but it reminded me of a piece of wood we had leftover from our cabinets. (Here's the link...I found it here! )I had hidden it behind a shelf in the garage, thinking I'll find a good use for this someday! Well, today is the day my dear! I think it's laminate, has our cabinet finish on one side and this raw side on the other.

I cleaned the dust off and sanded it smooth.

Then I used some acrylic craft paint to paint it, but it would have taken 10 bottles to cover it, so I went back the garage and got the can of Sherwin Williams-Fenland paint that I have in my foyer and hallways (My fave btw!) I used two coats. Added some red paint (apple spice) to the edges and wrote the wording. (My original plan was to use an applique' I had seen at Hobby Lobby, but it wasn't FREE!) Here is my finished project and my finished fireplace!!!

     We get a real tree every year and every year I say I am going to use my cut off boughs to make something in the house, you just can't replicate that sweet evergreen scent! Here are 3 ideas for your leftover boughs that I used.
Made tiny wreaths and hung them on all the doors with wide gold ribbon.

Bundled up some of the boughs and made a garland piece to place on tv cabinet in front of tv. I finished it off with ribbon.

This is a Southern Living Christmas stocking I won last year. It bangs against the door and looked sort of sad and plain all by itself. I had this wood piece from last fall sitting in my craft closet waiting for a purpose, so I removed it's original decorations and repainted it gold and added some whimsical polka dots to tie it all in. I am not please witht he bow, I might just get crafty and make a new one for it too. Then I stuffed the stocking with all the little spruces I had left over from the boughs.

     I'd love to hear about your decorating resourcefulness!!!!!


  1. LOVE this. you did a great job! i'm working on two craft projects this afternoon and if things go well i'll post them online=)

  2. Love the joy to the world piece, that's really impressive!

  3. It looks great. I love the writing.

  4. Very nice. You did a great job free-handing the words!

  5. I love your sign! Nothing beats free does it, all the beauty and NONE of the guilt! :)
    Thanks for the link!


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