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Sunday, November 15, 2009

She totally Floats!!!

     She floats!!! Carrie Ann floats!!! That spells relief!!! Most of you know that Carrie Ann is sitting very, very low, I mean so low I can acutally breath and eat during this pregnancy, even at 7 months! Since CA has camped out on my pelvic floor, she has been causing some pretty extreme pressure, pain and unsightly and not to mention, painful, varicose veins from my belly button down. Doc told me to get off my feet, but you know how that goes. I was also told to wear a maternity girdle...but you know how that goes as well. I've made recent comments that I never swell until I deliver, but this weekend I've taken advantage of the beautiful weather and our little family have stayed outside playing the whole time and taken lots of walks. So now, I'm swelling! No biggee, it's to be expected. But I am also in some very bad pain too!
     On a whim, I decided to soak in the hot bathtub this afternoon. While sitting in the tub, that I have intentionally decorated to make me believe I am at a spa, sipping my Dr. Pepper and reading a cookbook, I realize, CA's floating and I'm not hurting!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! She was totally elevated...felt like an episode with Criss Angel, the blood could actually flow again!!! Oh my goodness, I haven't felt this good physically in about 6 months! Thank you Lord. I've taken plenty of baths with the other two pregnancies, even labored in the tub with both boys til we went to hospital, but it hurts to sit or to even be on my back already with CA, so I hadn't even thought of it. I read an article in a baby magazine the other day about a new mom freaking out because she took a hot bath, forgetting "pregnant women should only take lukewarm bathes/showers to prevent baby and mommy from getting too hot." LOL! Maybe that's why Taylor's so hyper and Andrew's so laid back... Anyhoot, my skin might look like microwaved asparagus, and our water bill is going to be out of this world, but I think I'll be enjoying this therapy everyday til CA decides to grace us with her much anticipated presence!!!


  1. A hot bath always worked for me while I was pregnant with my boys. So glad it helped!!!


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