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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings!

    We are truly grateful for a God who loves us enough to forgive us for our sins and sent His Son to take our punishment of death upon Himself so that we could Live. Father, Thank You!
      Thanksgiving weekend 2009 brought with it a broad range of temperatures. 30s-upper 60s! We actually had on shorts and had our windows open today! After lunch on Thursday (See Thanksgiving Feast post here), we got into Christmas mode. During my afternoon relief therapy, I searched through every single black Friday sale paper ad, trying to get gift ideas for the boys and family. At 10 that night, Jim decided I should go to Toys R Us to get a few things HE picked out for Taylor and Drew! They opened at midnight, I got there at 11:50, parked at TJ Maxx, got in line between there and Hobby Lobby, but was in the door by 12:20....not bad, I thought. I had told Jim that I wanted to wear a hat so no one would recognize me because I felt like a freak. He comforted me with this thought: If they see you there Candise, they are there themselves! Ah...Thank goodness I only very briefly saw one soul I knew! Can I say rednecks? And lots of them! I got in the wrong line and ended up waiting for 2 hours to checkout. I was home a few minutes after 3! Whew...will never, ever, ever do that again...probably.
     We always wait til the day after Thanksgiving to do our Christmas decorations. This year, because I move a lot slower these days, it took me 2 days to completely finish, but Jim and the boys were huge helps! Taylor picked out our tree, his criteria: green, big, triangle!

     Andrew has learned the word BALL and was very intrigued by all the balls on the tree!

Then, while I stepped away from cleaning up the mess, the vaccuum entertained Andrew! Giddy Up!

Before you think I am some kind of is what I let my boys do to entertain themselves while I worked on my wreaths and garland. They made mudpies!

GROSS.....Taylor kept coming to me saying, mommy, I smell like a horse! And they don't smell good. LOL They went straight to the bathtub!!
Here are a few more pics from our weekend. Enjoy!
Me: Finishing off Thanksgiving leftovers!

I SAID TIME OUT! Taylor's explanation: I wanted to make it snow in the living room!

My two little Indians! Andrew was trying to pose!

Andrew is just wishing I'd put this camera down and change that droopy diaper!

Tackling, of course.

Andrew is stuck between a rock and a hard place!

We still have one day left of this great holiday weekend and no idea what fun that it will bring!

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  1. Yea! another Momma who lets her boys play in the mud. Love all the pics.


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