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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A list of lists of lists

     I've been motivated and encouraged, but mostly, caffeinated this evening and I've been thinking. Yep, at it again! I did the blog thing, and I'm addicted. Not only to mine, but to other blogs. Now, my friend Amanda has gone and made a list of things she wants to accomplish...mostly short-term goals, and now the wheels won't stop turning.  You know me, crafty mind with a husband who likes to keep tight reigns on the finances, I am bored with my decor that I picked for my master bedroom (I was pregnant with Andrew at the time, now pregnant with Carrie'll change this time next year because the hormones will have hopefully settled out, a little). Wow, I'm already on a tangent and still in the first paragraph.
     I have decided I needed to make a list of my goals I'd like to accomplish, either by Carrie Ann's arrival or shortly thereafter. Yah, I know, I'm dreaming.  But, first things first, I have got to nail down my decor decision for Carrie Ann's room. My friend has offered me this chaise/ a reem of the fabric to match.

     I have loved this chaise since the first time I laid eyes on it and it would just look so adorable in CA's room, dontcha think? So my idea is to put red and brown with it. I can rework the bedding I have had for the boys by making duvets for the pieces and making her curtains. But, I haven't fully, 100% decided. I'm like 99%, but I need to get movin' because I only have a little over 2 months! But today, I went to Babyland and found this bedding decor "Delilah" by Cocalo Couture that could possibly go well with this chaise, or I could just not do the couch and do this bedding with a rocker that I already have too....hmmmm....

  1. So, that's first on my list....Decide on Carrie Ann's room.

  2. Second, I need to get to work on her curtains, bedding, decorations, etc.

  3. Spice up my room. I want to make a bedskirt, dress up my curtains and add some prints to the bedding decor overall....I can do this inexpensively just by finding some cute fabric on sale at my fave fabric stores, it's convincing Jim that is the problem!

  4. I have some canvases to finish for some people. They are just gifts so they aren't really expecting them, I have gotten all the materials for them, just gotta sit down and do them.

  5. I need to organize my craft closet. It too was put together while I was pregnant with Andrew, in the process of unpacking and putting stuff where ever I could fit it.

  6. Then I need to finish repainting my patio furniture. This past Spring I decided to give it a face lift. We have 4 chairs, a table and well, just an umbrella stand now, since the umbrella broke in half this summer. I have successfully unassembled and reassembled 3 of the chairs and painted them brown. I have one chair, the table and the umbrella stand left to paint. Looking at my list, this might turn into a year long project!

  7. I had made a previous list elsewhere that included these goals, plus four others, one was to make a scheduled time for studying the Word. Not just the devotional or workbook Bible Study stuff, I mean, time when I am really studying the context and references of Scripture, getting to the meat and bones of It. I would normally do it during the day whenever I could find alone time, but I realized that I needed to make my meeting time with the Lord specific and put it on the schedule, it's like's gotta happen! So check, I have that one down. I can't wait for that time everyday! The second was to branch out in the kitchen. We were tired of having the same ole meals every week. I made it a point to read more cookbooks, get more ideas, broaden our taste bud horizons....I joined a Cooking Club, so check...done that. The third was to look into blogging....check :) and the fourth, well that one can be added to this list. God has placed it on my heart to begin meeting with some ladies each month to pray for our husbands and marriages. It is becoming more and more apparent each day that marriages are becoming less sacred. They need all the protection they can get and I want to be on the front end of any temptation and obstacle that satan throws in the path of my marriage. Yah, haven't done that yet....I've been acting a lot more like Moses than Joshua on that one. Lord, give me courage. Help me to be fearless.

  8.      So, all these things I want to do, plus Thanksgiving, Christmas, varicose veins, a ripening pregnancy, cob webs and dust and oh yah, the mommy and wife wonder I forget and pay the mortgage twice in one month! Good thing I make lists of lists of lists that seem to go on and on and on...

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  1. Your list is quite long!!! I love that you are praying for your husbands!!!


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