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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, Lord?

You know exactly what kind of day you are in for when the last thing daddy says to mommy as he escapes out the door is, "Honey, I pity you!" EXACTLY, I was doomed from the start!  Wednesdays are our busy days, Bible Study and then playgroup. We love both and it's my decision to do them both on the same day, but Wednesday works best for most of the mommies in our group, so there ya go! The chaos ensued, and oh, just because it's naptime now, doesn't mean it's over. Oh no, it usually gets worse around suppertime.
     First, I chose my battle very carefully, Taylor, you can not wear shorts, it is too cold. No it's not too cold, I want to be a football player. You can be a football player in that shirt, but we have to find pants that will match. Twenty minutes and 3 pair of pants later...we're both pleased.
     On to the quiet one now, gotta dress a moving target-the chase is on. Gotcha, now to comb out of your hair all that applesauce that your daddy thought you could feed yourself. Maybe we'll just skip socks for today! Takes 10 minutes to corale them both into the car and shoe them. And we're off! I turn up the music to drown out the questions...oh the questions, they never stop!
     As much talking that goes on in our Bible Study group, you'd be surprised to know it's quieter than my car and house! All's good at church til we get back to the car, a shove from one starts the dominoes. The little one wanted one of the 3 trains the older one had in a bucket. The older one was having none of it, shoved the little one. Just can't have that-I took the bucket away---then came the meltdown/tantrum that some of you ladies witnessed--thanks for the help by the way-LOL! So glad our circus could entertain you today!  After a spanking, short timeout on the step rails of the car and a reciting of Ephesians 6:1, we were on the road again-to the mall-GERONIMO!
     Lunch itself was a battle, I am completely worn out by now and it's only 11:45. I couldn't wait to get to the playground, I can sit and the boys will play with their friends! WooHoo...Errr..Not So Much! Taylor's friends Cael and Colby were there...perfect tackling buddies-yep tackling. We have 3 rules at the playground- No Hitting, No Tackling and Be Nice. But he was having fun and honestly, I was just too tired to chase him around.  Andrew, now he was plumb wore out and kept running away from the playground so I never actually got to sit much at all.
     Then to B &BW for soap, don't even get me started on that one. We make it to the car, but not before a certain someone stood up in the back of the stroller toppling the whole thing over sending a sippy cup across the parking lot! Forget the cup-GET IN THE CAR. Seriously, Lord? Really?
     Don't pity me, I do this to myself. I could choose to stay home and avoid the madness, but I'd go absolutely nuts! I'm not a home-body like Jim. I am very task oriented, gotta always be doing something.
     We are out of toilet paper at home. Completely out, can't wait for daddy, gotta get it ourselves, I'm thinking-great, can't get much worse! If I strap them both into the cart it'll be smooth sailing. Right! As Taylor is tearing off bananas and trying to eat them on the cake aisle a sweet and well-intentioned elderly couple stop by our cart and say, "You are right in the middle of the very best part!" Like I said, well-intentioned! They didn't see any other aisles! By the time we make it to the car all the frozen bags of vegetables have holes in them, a banana is missing and I can just feel the veins running down my shins, Lord help me!
     Last stop, the bank, harmless right! Yah, that's what I thought too! As I'm taking care of business with the lady behind the window,  Taylor is dangling the wires from the DVD player out of his window trying to lasso the vaccuum tube next to us!!!!!!!!!  And the teller actually thinks he needs a dum-dum sucker! Here it comes-OH MY WORD and it's only 2:30 in the afternoon.
     I know, he's only 3, and a boy, but can I be selfish for a minute? I'm only 28-, a girl, and I feel like I'm 60, need some support hose and a pack of Depends! Seriously, Lord? Again, don't pity me-I choose to stay home with my precious boys. I am exactly where He wants me at this very moment. Some days are more chaotic than others, but  I'd rather have this life and all its madness any day than only getting a few hours a day with these little guys. It's a blessing I get to do what I do and I take great joy in it.


  1. Candise - your boys are precious! I am so glad that I found your blog. I can keep up with your family and get to read your entertaining stories. I hope you are doing well - by the way - congratulations on your upcoming arrival. A sweet baby girl! I can't wait to see pictures. She is going to be beautiful. Just like her moma!


  2. Sounds exactly like my day..I can't imagine how it will be in a few months! Thanks for the laugh!


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