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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Could you, like, not breathe?

     You've probably met me, and most of you have met Jim. If so, you know how true the old cliche opposites attract is! Some people have even met Jim, realized who he is, can't put his age with his voice then with his knowledge and then, with ME! LOL! Just when you thought you had nothing in common with your better half....Jim runs, A Lot. Me, well, I try hard not to run. He's a neat
freak, clutter stresses him out. I thrive on organized clutter. He doesn't have the usual route to his heart-me all purtied up or a caramal-pecan pumpkin pie in the oven...nuhuh...those are second and third to a clean house! If I want to butter him up, I better get to cleaning. He is laid back, likes to relax, be a home-body...not me, I am task oriented and have a very hard time sitting still. He's graceful, nice, eloquent. Ha...don't even get me started about that one! I am easily annoyed. More so during pregnancy than others. I LOLed one evening. He asked me what was so funny. I asked him if he could, like, not was annoying me. DO YOU KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS THAT SOUNDS? Of course I did, that's why I was laughing! He says he loves everything about me, LOL! While most of the books in the house are his, all of the tools in the house are mine. I never get mosquito bites, his bff  is OFF Skintastic. He was properly raised, crosses his feet when he sits and always puts the lid down. Well, I was farm-raised, in a barn. He has an absolutely amazing depth of Biblical, political and sports knowledge. Me-I'm a Hannah Montana fan. He's discreet, quiet and doesn't usually speak out of turn or when unnecessary. If you tell me you like my vintage London Fog rain coat I'm going to shout it from the rooftops that it came from a catholic charity mission 6 years ago for $1.00 people!!! I'll have a loaded baked potato with extra cheese. He'll be having the spring mix salad with currants and pine nuts, with a light vinegarette on the side, please.  I'm cold, he's hot. He came from a midwestern Christian home, the eldest of 5. I am a Southern Belle who was the baby of a very dysfunctional family who say winder instead of window. He said he would never marry a girl with a Southern accent. I knew I'd marry out of the South, and teach my children the word ya'll. I have to force myself to add the re to refridgerator. (I'll admit, I've caught myself saying-fridgrator) We laugh at ourselves all the time. We are very aware of how unlike the other we are! We admire the differences we have. It makes us who we are as the Browns. We know that God made each of us unique, which makes us unique, and we fit together perfectly, just like He planned.


  1. sounds just like us. We were laughing just this morning about how different we are. Totally opposites.

  2. I love this! Such great descriptions. when JF and I went to our pre marital counseling the lady said, "After going over your assessment tests, I think you too might be the most opposite couple I've ever met." Keeps our life, and I'm sure yours, very interesting=)


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