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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monsters & Doctors, Oh My!

One day we were at the mall and Taylor decided he wanted to be a scary monster for Halloween. We are all for dressing up for candy, but we're really not into the scary stuff. Taylor is very scared of monsters right now, so I asked if he'd like to be Max, from Where the Wild Things Are. Of course he did! Can you see the disappointment on Jim's face when Taylor told him later that evening. He has been a football player for the last 2 years and Jim was definitely expecting that again. I could see it all over his face. He slumped, and said, really T, you want to be Max? Yah, daddy, I want to be a scary monster. We thought by obliging that he would finally realize that monsters aren't real and they are just people, just like him dressed up in costumes. Well, you know me-ever the ambitious one. I set out to make his costume. Cost me all of $4.46 plus tax!

We tried it on for size after I had sewn it together. Uhoh...I didn't account for his belly, okay, gotta sew some panels into the sides...

And wahla!!! Max: King of the Wild Things. As we were leaving the house he reminded me of his furry tail he I pinned the fur collar from one of my coats to his  back side! He was soooo cute!

Andrew didn't have much choice. Jim of course wanted him to be a football player, to follow suit. But my friend Deanna had the cutest little scrub outfit and he made the most adorable little Doctor in Training.

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  1. Candise, they are so cute! You did a great job of sewing. I am impressed! And, if you can see who clicked the LOL's, I didn't mean to hit it 3 times. But, they did make me laugh when I saw their pics.
    Luv y'all!


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