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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Faith Can Do

     I am easily let down. I see the glass mostly full, and wonder what in the world happend when I am left parched. Just when I think my daddy has changed, he reacts, and glimpses of the past are in high definition. My sister can't seem to get a leg up in this world, but her family of 5 are in love with Jesus and she yearns for the day her 2 year old can understand that same saving grace. She is in love, more than ever, with her King and her husband, but hasn't a penny to her name. She had the hardest lot of us two growing up, her faith is amazing! My husband dreams of the missionaries and disciples his children will grow up to be. He waits eagerly for the Lord! Me? I want to conquer the world for Jesus. I am trying my hardest to be patient, still asking God to save me an unreached people group in the middle of the Asian jungle. This song by Kutless brings all the fears and let downs of the past to the surface. Makes me realize that when I have it tough, my sister has it tougher and is still clinging to the only Hope she knows. Dreams still come true. We fail. We rise. Our faith can change our daddy's heart. We won't lose hope. Let downs are still to come. We will remain faithful. I'm reminded of the hope we have in our God, who is still moving mountains. He is faithful.

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