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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My 1 year old Sidekick

      Little Andrew woke up really late Friday night with a croupey cough. We took him outside in the cool air for about 5 minutes and it went away. I gave him some Triaminic and he went right back to sleep and we didn't hear from him til late Saturday morning. He's had a runny nose ever since, but the cough isn't bad at all anymore. We've made sure to stay outside and get as much fresh, crisp air as we could these last few days. Needless to say, his nose was a little too runny this morning, so he and I hung out at the house while Jim & Taylor went on to church. We've been working on cutting out Andrew's morning naps this past week and I wanted to stick to that schedule today, so I turned on Sirius XM's The Message and Andrew and I rocked out to Sunday Morning Praise! I knew I needed to keep him busy so he wouldn't get grumpy and I'd end up giving in to his nap. So Andrew and I cleaned the house! I always thought it was hard cleaning the house with any kids awake, but Andrew was the perfect little helper! I needed to dust, vaccuum, wash the ottoman cover, scrape blueberries off the couch, those kinds of fun things! I gave Andrew his own little duster, you know the kind that looks like a big ball of cotton candy on a stick, while I used my swiffer duster, and spray. Everywhere I went, there he was too. My little sidekick. Reaching to the very back under the couches for the dust bunnies, to wiping fingerprints off the fireplace. I don't think I ever remember Taylor being this laid back and compliant! While we were vaccuuming he would hold the cord and run around me like it was a game. He'd disappear to a room with toys for a little bit, but he'd soon find me and pick right up with me! I was even able to get the cobb webs out of the corners of the bedrooms and dust the baseboards...all the while having a 1 year old in my shadow! He never made a peep.
     When Jim got home, he said wow! Can it stay like this? I just rolled my eyes and sighed!

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