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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blessed Lemonade

     (Try playing the video at the bottom of the post while reading)
     We wrapped up our "One In a Million" Bible study by Priscilla Shirer today. Something sparked my thoughts to tell you about 3 very special friends that God has used to inspire, encourage and spur me on in my walk with Him. I don't think they'll mind if I camp out on their front porches for a few moments to tell you how special they are to me.
     We'll start with my high school friend Martha Ann. We met in 8th grade, a year after my mom had passed away and my dad moved us to Florence, MS. Martha is hilarious. I think one of the things I liked about her is that she had strict parents like mine, but she was still able to be cool! We played basketball, softball and ran cross country and track together. No matter who was involved or what they were doing, Martha was the one who always got caught. Maybe that's why she is the way she is today! Our friendship really took root when we went off to Hinds together...the local community college, that is. She was there for me when I broke up with my boyfriend and I thought my world was crashing down around me. She cried with me and comforted me and even gave me a special teddy bear that I slept with until I married Jim! Then she was there when Christ came to live in my heart, she witnessed the change and the journey that soon embarked. She too was changed. I began to see a new Martha. Her relationships, desires and her motives seemed to changed. I'd have to say, this was probably my first Christian friendship. She's been the first to know of all 3 positive pregnancy tests, within minutes, after Jim of course. She's who I call when I'm down. When I need a friend. I've gotten to watch her and her husband grow into an incredibly fun Christian couple who seeks to go deeper with God and to take Him at His word. It has truly been amazing being her friend!
     Then, there's Mary Martha I'm not kidding, that was her real maiden name!!! Gotta love her just for that! God knew when I got to The W I'd need another Martha! She was my Big in the Lockhearts and we sparked a friendship the very first time we met. She had just returned from summer missions in Alaska and I had just come home from summer missions in the Philippines. MM, as I like to call her, has her own very incredible story. I've watched her come through some deep valleys and rough wildernesses but never without her ever-beautiful smiling face full of joy and grace that could only come from knowing that God had ordained this exact path she was traveling. We were to go to China one summer to share the Truths of the Father, but it was the summer of SARS and were re-directed to Thailand. I think I almost died that summer and MM saved my life, or something like that. I had a 105 temp and she knew that was a bad thing for an adult! I had the flu, bronchitis, sinusitus and whatever else that was lost in translation. I had to stay a night or two in a Thai hospital...can we say SCARY! She never left my side! MM has a way of bringing joy to every situation, a way of seeing the true Light in all things. She knows how to handle situations in a way that is both graceful and comical at the same time. She is definitely the life of the party. After The W, MM went off to seminary in Texas, got married and then lived in * ****...remember Corrie Ten Boom telling about the fleas and thanking God for them...just think modern day MM living in * **** with ****! In the midst of her very g**** living circumstances, she still encouraged me with the Word! Her world could crumble around her, but she is still going to see God's divine will and purpose and praise Him for it! I call on her for every kind of advice you can think of, and she is never scared to put me in my place and tell me the Truth! That's my MM!
     And last but certainly not least there is Kate. My sweet dear Kate. She's a ballerina and embodies all the grace and poise that title brings. She moved to Rome, Italy, this past August. I miss her immensely. I met Kate during our short stay in D.C. One thing we both agree on is that God ordained and intended our friendship from the beginning. We met at church and our family started attending a small group Bible study at her house each week.  Kate and her son Reid and Taylor and me began walking together at least 2 times a week...sometimes for hours. We just couldn't get enough of each other! We could talk for hours!!! It was the Lord's perfect timing. I needed the advice, motivation and zeal she had and she needed the experiences from my past that would soon help her through some really tough times. She is cool, calm and collective. In so many ways her marriage encouraged romance and spontanity! She never complained the entire trip to and from Myrtle Beach, when Taylor had the roto virus and threw up the entire week! She went through my entire pregnancy with Andrew with me, only to find out we would move back to MS four weeks before his arrival. It was harder leaving her and her sweet family behind than anything. She came for Taylor's 2nd birthday and I wasn't able to tell her about Carrie Ann before she left for Rome. CA has postponed our 5 year anniversary trip to visit them until next Fall, but we will get to catch up soon, very soon!
     I love the Rascal Flatts' song, Bless The Broken Road. I am reminded of these sweet, blessed friends everytime I hear it!
     Different people, different souls, different seasons, all sisters in Christ! Encourage that special sister of yours today. Let her know how much she has meant to you. She might not know how God has used her in your life.


  1. Candise,
    I had tears in my eyes as I read this entry! I did not know you had lost your mom!

  2. you are very lucky to have friends like that!

  3. This post was so special! I so enjoy having you in Bible study.


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