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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mother of the Year-not quite

It happened. The thing every parent dreads and prays never happens. We let Andrew wander off in a crowded area. It was the classic I thought you had him scenario. All fingers aside, Andrew wasn't with either of us. Panic mode on the inside. Hold back the tears, keep it together on the outside. Then the horrible thoughts flood your mind-What kind of mama are you? You are supposed to be watching him. He is a precious gift-how irresponsible. You are off in your own little world, once again, not paying attention to the the moving world around you. How can you be so selfish to think about yourself in a time like this. Then you pray those prayers you thought you'd never have to pray- Oh Lord, You know exactly where he is, keep him safe. Please bring him back to us. Do I listen to the announcer to call for the parents of an adorable little boy who was found, do I scream out to everyone, HAS ANYONE SEEN A LITTLE BOY, THIS TALL? What was he wearing? Keep those tears back, don't lose it now. Where is he? And again, I owe my life to Martha Ann! She found him! Thank You Lord!!! He wasn't far away, but in a crowd that size, for a 1 year old, it was miles! We regrouped, I had to break the tension. So I raised my hand and shamefully accepted my award for the Mother of the Year Award!

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  1. Lola trapped herself in the laundry room the other day, so she wasn't in her room when she got home. I completely panicked and started hyperventilating and holding back tears. and really, where could she have gone?

    i bet you were freaking out! you are a great mother=)


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