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Monday, October 26, 2009

Potty Training tip #46 - bowl fresheners

Have you seen those commercials for the Scrubbing Bubbles-Toilet Cleaning Gel? While visiting a friend's house recently, I was amazed at how good those things made her bathroom smell. So when our budget allowed, I got me some! Don't know how well they clean, but they sure do entertain Taylor while he is on and- off the potty! As with all little boys, when teaching them to keep their weewee pointed toward the water, an object always helps! Oh yah...he wants to shoot the little green cleaning thing! And you ask, what do you mean, entertains him while he is off the potty? Well...our Sunday afternoon nap was interrupted by Taylor needing to go potty- so we sent him into our bathroom. He's big enough to go on his own and if he goes poopy, he usually calls us, telling us he is finished. We kept hearing him in there, sounded like a plunger...we don't own a plunger..hmmm...what in the world is that sound... I run into the bathroom to find a 3 year old bare bum sticking up in the air. His other end was completely down in the potty! He's talking, it's all echoey and muddled...Taylor, what in the world are you doing? He pops up, Hey mommy, maybe I'm just smelling the air freshener! OH MY WORD. Pertinent lesson I never thought I'd have to teach my child-We don't put our head down into the toilet! Why not mommy? Because it's just gross-go ask your daddy!

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