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Friday, October 9, 2009

My Little Prodigy

You know how you always think, I wish people would just think like me! Well, maybe you don't, but I sometimes ignorantly do. One of the great things about having children is that you can train them to do just that! It's been 3 years in the making, but I think I have successfully brainwashed Taylor into thinking like me! Yah, scarey, I know. Case in point: You'd think the world is ending when Taylor sees Andrew playing with one of his toys. I am constantly using that as a ploy to get him to pick up his toys. "Taylor, let's put that on the counter so Andrew doesn't eat it, because if he does, you won't have it anymore, it'll be in his tummy." (The best one is telling him that if he doesn't hold my hand in the parking lot he might get sqooshed by a car and be flat as a pancake, he always responds: And someone will put syrup on me and eat me?) So last night my little prodigy made me so proud! As I was working in the kitchen, I watched Taylor bring a tube of chapstick over to the kitchen and place it on the counter. I remembered using this chapstick last night and leaving it on the coffee table. I didn't think about it at the time, just thinking Jim had asked him to bring it over, but no, he hadn't. That little rising star brought it over all on his own!! But, he had one of two motives: 1) He didn't want Andrew to get it OR 2) He was done using and mutilating it, as he so did, just before returning the lid! Yep, mutilated it and left it all wet and slobbery, but at least he put it on the counter and returned the lid, right?!?!

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