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Sunday, October 11, 2009

FUNdy Undies!!!

I guess it began when I was in college and I had to pay to do laundry. I thought that buying enough underwear to last me 2-3 weeks would decrease the amount of times I had to do laundry...and save money! So, when Vicky has her Pinks on sale 7 for $25, I go for it. You might think that's pricey, but you must obviously not own a pair. I have been a Vicky addict for more than 10 years and I stand behind them half for their extraordinary quality, and the other half for their awesome cuteness! I have gotten cheap from time to time and gotten the 5 packs of No Boundary prints from Walmart, but they all have scraggly elastic hanging out and can sometimes cause the unwanted...saggy bottom :( AND there are a few of those bargain buys from Walmart that have received very bad reviews from my man too, and with all the distractions in this world today, I need every edge I can get to keep his eyes on ME!

So, armed with a coupon for a free pair of Pinks and $19 left on a gift card, I got 8 pair of undies for $8!!!! I am one of those who stand there and lay them out, decide what I like, what I want, what is most practical, what my man would LOVE! Maybe they are a little pricey when you crunch the numbers, but they are FUN, will last me 10 times longer than a cheaper brand and are a guarantee against a saggy bottom!

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