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Monday, October 12, 2009

Come on People...

Have you heard of Redbox? I think it is the next great phenomena since sliced bread! If you are already confused, Redbox is a dvd vending machine, they are located at different retail establishments throughout different cities. The were all over NoVA and when we moved here, I sent tons of emails to Redbox until we got about 4 in the Tupelo area!! WooHoo!!! They cost $1 per day and you can reserve them online at home and pick them up at the kiosk, or just rent them at the kiosk itself. Anyway, Jim and I LOVE renting Redbox videos, so as you can imagine, I stand in line a lot and have the opportunity to watch peoples' body languages. One very common, and gross, trait a lot of people I stand in line behind is to prop themselves up on the machine like they have a lame leg. One day last week while waiting for a friend in the Walgreen's parking lot at Barnes Crossing, my point was made. Check these pictures out:
Okay, this guy must have really had a tough day. At one point he had both arms on the top of the machine, propping himself up.
Whatever happend to "Lean on Me, and I'll be your friend." Even with his chica with him, this guy, whose shorts by the way were hanging so low, I wanted to go and pull them up for him, he felt the need to prop himself up against the machine as well.
In my 20 minutes sitting in the parking lot, I witnessed 3 people patronize this machine and all 3 of them did the same thing.
I think we have found just one more place that could possibly be as nasty as the bathroom door handle!

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