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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Re-Wired, Continued!!

Jim just sat here laughing through my Re-Wired post-said he couldn't make it through it. Said I was a very creative, versatile writer. What's that mean? You (Candise) are a good story-teller. Me (Jim), I'm good with telling the facts. HaHa...not sure if that is a compliment or not. We went on to check on the boys, make sure they are tucked in well. We return to the kitchen where I find the dessert still sitting on the stove and more dirty dishes on the counter. I mentioned, this stuff is still out? He laughed...said he didn't know if I had had any...Did you not notice me sitting beside you eating cake and drinking a glass of milk, notice the knife in the cake...or even that the cake was out...Well, I thought you just got it out for me. And you just thought these dishes with leftover cake on them were from who? Did you not just read my blog...get anything from it? Thank goodness he chuckled. Still, nothing, walked into the bedroom and said, I'm so glad you left this pile of clothes on my side of the bed. Well, I was hoping you'd notice them and fold them for me...Need a blimp hun? I Think he played this I'm a guy card on purpose, just to get my goat. I've seriously got my work cut out for me!

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