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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mud from the Pumpkin Patch

Okay, so maybe Jim & I are spoiled, but there is something to be said when your 3 year old asks you if you went to the wrong place when you drive away from the pumpkin patch! We did all the right stuff, asked around, googled, looked at pictures. What went wrong. There are 3 pumpkin patches that accomodate little kids in this area- Circle Y Equestrian (Corinth), Pumpkin Patch Farms (Blue Mtn.), and one in Fulton, but is only open for families on the weekend. The friends we polled couldn't decide which they liked better, Circle Y or Blue Mtn......

You see, the first-ever pumpkin patch I ever went to was the year before last in Chantilly, VA, Cox Farms. Absolutely blew me away! tons and tons of animals all spread out, fresh kettle corn, potato sack slide built into hay stacks all over. Lemonade stands throughout, a huge and fun hayride through the fields which was littered with all our favorite cartoon characters. Fresh, warm apple fritters...need I say more? Jim says the pumpkin patches in the Midwest were even better than that. (pics from Cox Farms, Oct. 07)

So you can easily see why pulling up to someone's side yard, seeing the orange extention cord running from their back porch to the moon bounce could warrant a "OH MY WORD." To make things a little more backwoods, they didn't accept debit cards and not a single apple fritter or kernel of kettle corn to be found....Taylor asked if we could go to the popcorn one next! Poor little guy.

HOWEVER, we had a blast. For the first time, Taylor went right up to the sheep and began feeding them. He has NEVER done that before, EVER! He is a fraidy cat and is scared of a cat, but he thought the sheep were like his little sheep and just held his hand out...We were sooooo proud of him!

Andrew....he loved the water pump, yes, the water pump and the LLAMA, which was located right beside the chickens and ponies. He kept mimmicking one of the animals saying "Hack" over and over and giggling when he did it. He would tease the sheep by running up to the fence, enticing them to come over, then running away when they got close!

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