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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's okay, my Dr. Pepper had a lid on it!

     POW! is all I heard and then a milli-sec later my pregnant belly was covered in glass. I thought someone had shot at me, I was driving through West Point after all, and I have nightmares about that place already. (And yes, I am very well aware that I am a drama queen)  My mind went blank, are the boys okay. I glanced back at them, their eyes hadn't seemed to leave the DVD screens, Thank You Lord! I pulled off the road and then into the Walmart parking lot. What do I do...hold it together so I don't scare the boys. Maybe they won't notice! Call Jim....He asks, are you okay, well I don't know hun, haven't thought about that. I don't see any blood, I start sobbing, I can't breathe, OH MY WORD...what just happened. I was trying to let him know I was okay, despite the trembling and sobbing and teeth chattering...I was bewildered. Then the shakes and Jim, tell me what to do? (Made me think of the Barney song that Baby Bop sings: What do I do when I don't know what to do? --Taylor sings it all the time now) I have all my priorities in order and am concerned, did any of that glass get in my Dr. Pepper I had just gotten at Sonic? Looks good. Good. Okay, back to what do I do? After calling everyone I know and my phone dying 3 times in the process, Kasey C calls her Mother-in-law, Judy C., there in West Point and she and another guy fix me all up! 15 Minutes after the fact, Taylor asks, mommy, what was that loud boom? Andrew's floorboard, behind my seat was also covered in glass. I am just so thankful that if it had to happen, then it was my window and not his!

     We made it back to Tupelo, duct tape and all, and once inside I made it to my bedroom, Andrew at my side, I just fell to my knees and cried, sobbing actually. So thankful my boys were okay. All I could say was Thank You Lord. I pulled myself together, didn't really have a choice, Andrew poured his ice water out all over my lap. Jim called to check on us, I was fine, was home, had a good cry and now, I need a nap!

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  1. So sorry that happened and so glad y'all are ok.


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