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Thursday, December 3, 2009

CA is 30 weeks....only 10 more weeks!

     Carrie Ann & I had our 30 week checkup today. In the last two weeks I've gained 5 lbs. According to the Dr.'s office, that's a total of 15...yah, we'll go with that! hehehehe  All seems to be in order. With the exception of  pain due to my 'variscosities' as Dr. T puts it, this has been a relatively fast and uneventful pregnancy. Let's pray it stays this way! I am getting more and more excited about this precious little girl arriving every day! I thought I might share this little pic with you that my friend took today. This is only the 3rd pregnancy profile pic I have taken in all 3 pregnancies. You can consider yourself blessed! haha! Can you tell how low this girl is! Because of this I walk like a crippled penguin!  She weighs about 3 lbs....hmmm...about the size of my Thanksgiving Cornish Hens....

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