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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


     I am deep into my study of the Exodus of the Israelites. These are the stories and lessons we have heard over and over, but in each season of our lives, they take on whole new meanings. I love that!
     Right now, on this day, I want to be more like Joshua and a lot less like Moses and the Israelites. Christmas always seems to bring out the charitableness and the greediness in people, even me. As much as I'd like to say, no, I don't want or need anything, I'd secretly and shamefully be hurt if my man didn't have something under the tree for me. God provided everything the Israelites needed, but they grumbled for more and more. God asked Moses to do something, and he kept asking GOD if HE was sure! A lot of times I feel like Moses...I need me some props like Aaron and Hur...Those girlfriends who are always propping me up, lifting me up and encouraging me to stay strong in the Word and to see the glass God gives me as half full, rather than half empty-a lot of times simply pointing out to just be glad God gave me a glass at all! I want need Joshua's courage to take God at His word. To boldly do the things God has asked of me without one word from me! God has given me a husband who is selfless and desires to love me as Jesus loves His bride.  When I am weary and tired from the wifering and mothering and just life itself, he's there to remind me of our purpose. I need to be more selfless, I need to work on the charitableness part. I need nothing more in this world than the graciousness already shown to me on the Cross. I need courage and props to work hard at remembering this during the CHRISTmas season.

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  1. Great reminder!

    I'm going to go reread this chapter myself.


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