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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Precious Goosebumps

     Last night our precious Andrew woke up crying around 9:30. This is very, very rare for him. He never wakes up, so when he does, we know something must be bothering him-new teeth. This has occurred the last 3 nights about the same time. Last night I let his daddy pick him up. Jim hadn't laid down with him in our bed a whole minute before Andrew curled up on his shoulder and was out!

     Simply precious, I couldn't help myself and had to capture this's the first of its kind! If you've met Andrew, you've seen what an adorable little gift he is. His brother is a gift too, he's just rowdy and not as gentle and cuddly as Drew! He started talking last week, his favorite words are UhOh, ball and look. To him, I am his super hero! I rescue him from his big brother all the time!!! Today, when I came to his rescue, I discovered this on his forehead:

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