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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When to call for backup

     It was really a great day! Or at least it started out with high hopes! It has only been a week since the flour fiasco and the days have been just as eventful ever since.  Today proved to be no different. Just when I thought--wow....we are doing good! I looked at the clock to see that I had 20 more minutes before we had to head out the door. That's a lifetime in my world!  All I had left to do was change Carrie Ann's clothes and dress myself-easy. Except, I changed clothes 3 times, only to settle on jeans and a  baggy t-shirt because I feel like a Hippopotamus-fat rolls and all.  It's depressing. I hate my mirrors. I hate my scale. Ugh! I know, you feel my pain, it's awful.
     Bible study was great, kids were great, lunch went smoothly. We went to visit Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Bonnie and their daughter Terri for about an hour and then headed home. We hadn't gone 100 feet before Taylor said he had to go to the potty. Then he told me he had to get sick in the potty. I questioned him about his feelings. He told me to hurry home. I asked him if he had to throw up in the potty. He said no, he had to get sick in the potty...hmmm....
     I am pretty sure that the onset of spewing came from my speeding home in fear of him peeing in his car seat or a replay of the first year of his life when he threw up just about everytime we rode in our Jeep Cherokee-yuck! The other half was probably from Carrie Ann screaming halfway home because she had just woken up from her nap, hasn't pooped since Monday and like usual, wants to be attached to me!
     I handed Taylor a bag, told him to get sick in it if he needed to. Well he missed. I'll you save all the gorey details, but I did strip Taylor down to his tighty whities in the middle of our driveway. He went straight to the shower from there.
     I brought Andrew inside. Go play son! Retrieved Carrie Ann. Go check on Taylor...Entire shower is covered in blue soapy shaving cream! Don't miss it- I'm about to get my Mother of the Month Award for this one!
     Sometime, while going between Taylor, the rotten back seat of my car and Carrie Ann, Andrew, the sweet and quiet middle child, found his way to a drawer where I keep our razor. It's a drawer he hasn't been able to reach, until today.
    When I came upon him, between my closet and laundry room, he had my Swiffer Mop out squirting the cleaning liquid onto the carpet...attempting to scrub something red...Andrew, what are you doing? What is all that red stuff....What did you get into? It was all over him. His face, his legs (He had lost his pants somewhere, I think in the bathroom, because he was in hopes he was going to get to take a shower with his brother), his arms, his hands. The Swiffer was covered in red stuff...OH MY are bleeding son....
    I'm trying not to panic. I ran him to the sink and wash off what I can to survey the damage. Thank the Lord, it was just a surface cut on his thumb, but the blasted thing would not stop bleeding. I tried to keep my mind from going to deep and dark scary places, but the more I tried to control the bleeding, the more irritated Andrew got, the more scared I got and the more upset I became.
    And just a side note, those cute little Sesame Street bandaids aren't worth a flip!  That first-aid kit that I keep putting off buying sure would come in handy right about now! Carrie Ann's still screaming, Taylor has used up all the hot water and I am only making matters worse with Andrew. I can't get him to calm down or his thumb to stop bleeding-all over everything! My mind races between how much worse it could be and how awful of a mom I am for allowing him to cut himself. I was trying not to just lose it. I needed backup!
     I reluctantly called Jim---I let our son bleed all over our bathroom, I'm pretty sure Carrie Ann has exploded in her car seat and Taylor is freezing--- I need you!
   Daddy to the rescue. As soon as he got there, helped Taylor dry off and then was able to calm Andrew down. I found an adult bandaid and wrapped up the raw thumb and Jim comforted him while I rescued Carrie Ann. Taylor was great! He was so helpful! I was so proud of him. You'd never know he had just lost his lunch just minutes earlier. Whew....  


  1. Oh my! It is hard to imagine all of that going on at one time! Glad you called for back-up and glad Jim was available!

  2. Bless your sweet little heart! I took your advice about putting a bouncer in each room...much easier! If it makes you feel better, Chase has to always be attached to me too.

  3. Oh my goodness! I would have freaked out! Will loves to get into stuff and can reach in all the drawers so I won't be shocked to find a scene like that one day! (we don't have razors, but we do have scissors!)


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