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Sunday, February 28, 2010

No tears this time!

     It was a success!!!! The race I mean! Jim ran really well and once again, God sedated my ducklings! Well, baby girl did explode out of her diaper into her car seat just as we were headed to the starting line. I had to change her little toosh in the back of the car in the freezing cold...poor thing! Melissa and her friend Hannah were rockstars! They showed up and helped me out!
     That says a lot about their character, for 2 college girls to get out in the freezing cold on a Saturday morning to help a boring, married mama with her ducklings!
     Really, I bribed them with hotcakes from McDonald's! After the start of the race we piled into the warm car and headed over to McD's where Taylor devoured 6 pancakes and 2 yogurt parfaits. After potty runs we were back in the car just in time to catch Jim at the 12 mile!! The boys got out and gave him a high five!!!
     We had plans to hang around Oxford to do a little shopping and eat lunch, but after the first store I was done. That was all the Oxford-snobbiness I could handle.

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  1. LOVE your last paragraph!! HAHA! Glad to hear the race experience went well...


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