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Saturday, March 13, 2010

One adorable Mug!

     Have you met Andrew? No? Well, you should! He will give you baby fever for sure. Most of most days I'd have a desire to have more kids if I knew they would be like him...he's just that adorable. {Not to say the other two aren't adorable, they are, I'm just giving Andrew a little extra attention today!}  A few days ago I posted this picture on FBook, titled The Face of Trouble.
{That's lotion he's getting into, he's going to eat it}
Some people were having a very hard time believing that this face can be trouble! {Let me just say this, Andrew is a very normal 20 month old}
Shall I remind you of this:
     He did this, not once, but THREE times! We have a child safety lock on the pantry door, but the little guy is a smart cookie! He watched his brother open the door, now he knows how to get into it. We even moved stuff up higher. But this weekend Jim woke up, went into the kitchen, and there he is again, standing on a chair in the pantry finishing off a box of Valentine Sweethearts!!!!!
     I'll reiterate---If the boy wasn't so stinking cute, Jim and I wouldn't be in the trouble we are in now! He smiles and Jim melts. He smiles and I crack.
     He listens very well, he knows what and where time out is. On Tuesday night Jim sat Andrew in his room for time out during supper because he kept pushing away and screaming for no reason---refusing to eat. After 2 minutes, Jim goes to get him and Andrew is sitting in the middle of his bed, reading a book! I thought it was cute...Jim scolded me! This is why Andrew is the way he is! On Wednesday night, same scenario...Andrew was fussing during supper, pushing away from the table and refusing to eat. I told him if he was going to be fussy he could go to his room. He poked out that bottom lip and slowly walked down the hall--sqwalling the whole way.  My house rule is--if you are going to be fussy, go be fussy and whiney in your room, when you stop, you can come back. He was still crying a few minutes later, when I realized he wasn't in my shadow. I found him, sitting in the dark, on his bed, back to the door, crying.  He just needed a good cry...It was soooo cute. I know, I'm a wuss!
     When he doesn't get his way--his brother has something he wants, his milk isn't warm enough, we can't hold him, the animal train went in the wrong direction, this is what he does...he throws a tantrum. Throws his arms out in front of him, hits his knees and bows down.
     Then he does stuff like this-hides in the curtains--all the time--thinking you can't see him.
     He's a quiet little guy. An introvert, just like his daddy. He's got brown eyes, olive complexion and curly hair AND he still smells like a little baby! LOVE IT!!! He will do something just awful then flash his signature grin.
It's irresistable.
     Yesterday, he thought it would be fun to start potty training. I am not really wanting to encourage this at this very moment, I think it might be just a little overwhelming. Could you imagine us out in public! One busy 3 year old, an infant attached to mommy and a 1 year old screaming to go potty!!! I couldn't keep his diaper on him! He peepeed AT the little potty twice. He wouldn't keep his diaper on and he kept going to the bathroom. Both times he pooped, he went to the bathroom, closed the door and did his business! I will just die if he does any of his business on my blessed dry clean only rug!  On Tuesday night Jim was getting him ready for a bath. He had a poopy diaper and as Jim went to throw it in the garbage, he sent Andrew to the bathroom while the tub filled. When he returned, Andrew left Jim a nice treat through our room to the tub! You should hear Jim yell! It's so funny because it's so rare! Andrew was so proud of himself!
    It's easy to understand why no one believes me when I say he's TROUBLE! He's just into everything. He sure chose the perfect time to come out of his shell! I'll say it for the thousandth time...Even on our worst, most hectic days, I'd stop time right now, right here. One day he won't want to give us eskimo kisses at bedtime or say 'gnigh' as we shut the door as we leave.
     This chair is trouble too! Its the one he gets when he wants to get into something he shouldn't! On this day, I caught him using it to try to escape the jungle! He was trying to unlock the dead bolt lock and get out the front door! He slighly slid off onto the floor, pretending to play with the rug....Yah!

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  1. This is simply precious. It is wonderful to be reminded to love the ones around you because someday they won't be there. Thanks!! :)


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