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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's Catch Up!

     The biggest question we have been asked since baby girl arrived is: How are the boys adjusting?
    Well, let's see....
     Taylor, sweet, helpful 3 and a half year old Taylor....loves his little sister to death! Really! He asks at least 10 times a day to hold her. He followed suit and did just like everyone said and grew up a whole bunch! However, he's really concerned about her "eating me" I am having a very difficult job explaining this to him without using the word-cow, suck and well, you know the rest. He seems to be adjusting very well. If she is crying he is quick to find something, no telling what, to pacify her. Be it his stuffed animals, his basketball, a blanket. It's realllly sweet to watch him want to care for her. Every girly pink thing he sees, he wants to get for his "baby sister." Here are a few pictures Taylor took of us....He was insistent that he take our picture!   
     Andrew...well............sweet, quiet, introverted Andrew. You know he turned 20 months this weekend. I forgot...Let's just say he has transitioned from second child syndrome to middle child very well! He'll be the quiet kid over in the corner at school eating glue, though he favors lotion right now! He marches to his own beat and if he wasn't so darn cute, he'd be in a world of trouble! He makes the worst days adorable with one little smile and a cock of his head.  He adores Carrie Ann, really he does. If she is on the floor, he's the first one there. Even if it is to pounce on her. If she is in her swing, he's going to be right there to make sure it swings high! And if she's crying, he's going to try to comfort her with whatever he can find..btw...a straw to the nose won't make her stop crying. Just this weekend he asked to hold her. For a child who doesn't talk very much, he communicates very well. {he would have been a good child to do baby sign language with, but then, he really wouldn't have talked} If he sees me giving her a bottle, now he wants to help.
     You just have to know Andrew...he and Taylor are night and day. One quiet, one not so quiet. One thing they both have in common is the word NO .  It only works one way with them...coming from them! But since Andrew chooses not to talk, he just shakes his head no. If he knocks his entire bowl of green peas on the floor because he doesn't want to eat them, he'll gladly say, uh oh, gets down from his seat and picks everyone of them up! See.... his cuteness is irresistable. He's at that age when he is into everything, curious as ever and pining for our attention. It's hard to cater to this like we did with Taylor and we'll one day face it with Carrie Ann. We try to make sure that we pay special attention to him, since he doesn't verbally demand our attention like others in our house do!
     Together, Taylor and Andrew, are hilarious and trouble! Taylor is the typical big brother always beating up on his little brother. Andrew is the typical little brother, always wanting to do whatever big brother is doing.  It's fun and exhausting to watch...whew. One minute they are all about the other one-I don't even have to tell you what happens in the next minute, and the next!

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