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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yay for Mother's Day Out!

     I don't know how to relax. I just realized that as I was sitting on the couch feeding the baby this morning. I'll elaborate a little. Here goes: First of all, I nurse Carrie Ann, one part because it's good for her, one part because it's cheap, one part because I'm lazy-so it's a cop out...Andrew's dirty diaper needs changing--hun {that's Jim} can you change it...gotta feed the baby! And the rest--best weight loss program on the planet, though I haven't seen the best results from it yet.
    Anyhoot, back to my point. It's Monday night and almost 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning. This Monday was absolutely WONDERFUL. What a blessing! What a treat! Thank you Lord! I don't want it to end! Nobody likes Mondays, but I have come to love them. For the past 3 weeks I have been taking the boys to Mother's Day Out at our church on Monday mornings so I could do whatever mother's are supposed to do "Out." I tend to over analyze some things and choosing to use this "ministry" that my church offers is one of them! I struggled with taking Taylor to MDO. I had a lot of outside voices saying, he needs to get out, you need some you time, you need time alone with Andrew. It came from both sides, in both directions. I felt guilty that I even felt that I needed a mother's day out...God gave me this child, I should be able to take care of him. God equipped me to handle two little boys, by gollie, I should be able to do it.
    When I did take him to MDO, I usually spent the time shopping and spending money. So, financially, that didn't work out too well for the budget. I missed him like crazy. I couldn't stand being at the house without was too quiet, too still. So I quit taking him.
     This time around, same voices, same speech--you really should take the boys to Mother's Day Out. This time around- I need it!!!  I've never understood why they actually floated the idea of Mother's Day Out as a ministry, except for the fact that we do have some unchurched people who bring their children. That's enough said. But how is it a ministry to the mothers who are churched. Well, let me tell you how!
     In previous weeks I have dropped the boys off around 9ish and Carrrie Ann and I have run a million errands that I just haven't been able to do with all three, i.e. grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, clothes shopping, Hobby Lobby, etc. Yesterday I contemplated the necessity of them going this morning. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day and I hated to waste it by not having them here to enjoy it. I didn't have any plans or pressing errands that needed to be completed, so I decided, they'd go, and I'd go grocery shopping, then I'd tackle my housework and laundry! Oh, how easy that will be without stopping every other minute to put out a toddler-sized fire! I'd be super-wife...surely score some points with the hubby if he came home to a sparkling house and clean underwear!
      When I drove away from the house at 8:40 this morning, the washer, dryer and dishwasher were going. As the garage door came down, I prayed that God would protect my house from burning down.
     Somehow, not having kids with you in the grocery store doesn't really make you anymore faster. I seem to have more time to stroll, actually look through coupons, sale papers, compare labels and prices. Plus minus the meltdowns, potty breaks, snacks-----same time people!
     By the time I got the groceries in the house along with the 5 week old sleeping beauty, it's time for her to eat again. So as I sat on the couch, feeding the girl, all the windows open, nice breeze flowing through, I realized, this isn't going to go as fast as I had thought. I didn't factor in feedings when I over analyzed my to-do list! If I counted up the time right, I'd have to feed Carrie Ann like 2 times before I had to be back to pick up the boys. That leaves me with hardly any time to get everything done in the house that I wanted to get done.
    She finally got full, poople and fell asleep and I went to work! I had my Casting Crowns: Until the Whole World Hears cd on repeat. It was great. I was working on a time frame. I still had fine tooth cleaning to do after all our tummy issues over the last week. Six loads of laundry to tackle {I super sort everything}. Working against a sleeping baby is different than working against the clock. You just never know!
    When it was feeding time again, I sat, and finally, relaxed! I turned the music down really low. It was so quiet outside. It was beautiful. I love spring! I could sit, feed my little girl, talk to her, and brush her hair...without a certain toddler climbing on us, snatching and grabbing at the hairbrush. It was precious. Had to hold back tears. Then I realized, this is okay. It's okay Candise. It's okay to relax. It's okay for someone else to entertain your kids today. It's really okay. If they were home, they'd have to be inside with me right now while I feed Carrie Ann, not outside playing, enjoying the beautiful day God blessed us with.
     This is why Mother's Day Out is a ministry! It's helping me get my bearings back. Teaching me to once again, to slow down, take it one minute at a time, enjoy the preciousness that you hold. Enjoy the quietness. Enjoy the time you are getting to spend with the Lord.
    I sat here on the couch, praying, thanking God for my church family, for the ladies who love on my kids when I feel like I am just give out, for the ladies who lead and teach the Bible studies. Thankful for the blessing of Mother's Day Out. When I picked up the boys, I was rejuvinated. It felt great. I was in a good mood!
    It's not about not being able to take care of your kids or needing a break from them {well, maybe}. But sometimes a little breathing space, a little privacy in the bathroom. Some extra time alone with God without interruption. A chance to focus, a chance to complete a task without having to step away--I think that gives us task-oriented folks a sense of peace and accomplishment. So, hats off to those of you who serve through programs like MDO... God Blesses You!


  1. Well said!! It truly is a ministry - not designed to make moms feel guilty, but to rejuvenate moms and give them new perspective.

  2. I have to's very easy to feel guilty about dropping your kids off at MDO. I still feel that way, but I'm also out of the house for 4 hours a day working. I hardly ever take the kids to MDO.

  3. I will share this with Deidre!


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