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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taylor's recipe for Monster Cookies

     Today, while Jim and I were preparing lunch, Taylor brought a plate of cookies to the table, exclaiming--I made dessert!! Really, they are the Leap Frog Alphabet letters from the fridge door and the plate is a book!
     He gave me a taste...mmmm...yummm-O! He wouldn't let me have a whole cookie, I had to wait til after I ate all my lunch!
     I placed them in the middle of the table throughout lunch and they were the source of the entire conversation, that went a just like this: {seriously, I wrote this down as he was telling me the ingredients!}
Me: Taylor, what kind of cookies are they?
Taylor: They are rasberry cookies, mommy.
Me: What all did you use to make them?
Taylor: A cup of flour, a cup of milk, a cup of mud, and um, a cup of dirt.
Jim: Dirt? What does that taste like?
Taylor: It's not yucky dirt daddy, it's yummy dirt from the store.
Us: Oh, Okay.
Me: Is that all?
Taylor: Some sugar and some butter and some leaves from the store, not yucky ones {I'm assuming he means lettuce!}
Me: What about the berries, didn't you say they were rasberry cookies?
Taylor: NO mommy, they are strawberry, and um...blueberry.
Jim: What else?
Taylor: No bugs-that makes cookies yucky!
Me: So then, what do you do, do you bake them?
Taylor: I bake them in the oven.
Me: For how long?
Taylor: 5 minutes.
Me: How many cookies will that recipe make?
Taylor: 4 cookies mommy, here, wanna taste one?

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