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Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Family

These last two weeks have been fun, yet exhausting. But, I have had a very helpful little "Big Helper"---Taylor! He has been the best helper. I've taken this time to teach him that he is his brother's keeper. For instance, when his little brother sticks the Mr. Potato Head ear in his mouth {exact reason I don't allow them to play with these un-supervised} Taylor is quick to snatch it from him!
Or when Carrie Ann is fussing, he'll sit down in front of her and pile tons of toys on her to see which one it is that she wants.
 He's picked out every Barbie doll there is for her. When she got her Valentine cards from his cousins, he asked me what would happen if Carrie Ann didn't like princesses?
They like to pull their chair up right in front of her swing and "look" at her! Yah....I was washing dishes and looked over and saw the swing seat about to do a complete 360...They don't get to do this anymore! 
This is how we spent our Valentine's Day...relaxing!
  And this is what I ate!....well, not all of it...Jim got one piece!

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  1. Candise, She is beautiful! Fits in with the other handsome and beautiful members of your family! Of course, I happen to believe that most of our beauty comes from the inside and it just makes one more beautiful on the outside. Missing you in Bible study!


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