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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A house for the birds

     A few years ago I met Mr. Adrienne.  I finally met his wife, Mrs. Bonnie, less than two years ago when she was leading a Bible study I was attending at our church. She is such a delight! I have really enjoyed getting to take Bible studies under her leadership. I see Mr. Adrienne every Sunday in the hallway outside our classroom...he does something out there with the records, not sure what though.
     Mr. Adrienne had told me once that he used to teach shop and that he would help me with anything I needed. I love those kind of offers!!! I commissioned Mr. Adrienne to make me some matching picture frames for my living room for my three ducklings.
     I started staining them the week before Carrie Ann arrived and haven't had the first second to finish them up yet! However, when we went to Mr. Adrienne and Mrs. Bonnie's house to pick these up, Mr. Adrienne had a project for Jim and Taylor to do! He had cut out all the pieces for a birdhouse for Jim and Taylor to assemble!
Jim is explaining why this is the first time he has ever used a nail gun...
      Mr. Adrienne is very methodical and has a tool shop that made me giddy!  
 He led Jim and Taylor step by step in assembling the birdhouse.
     Taylor was scared of the little drill at first. Then he got the hang of it!
They added the car tag roof.
Taylor had soooo much fun!!!!
They added a sparkplug as the welcome post!
Taylor is Mr. Adrienne's new adopted grandson!!!
He even cut out a birdhouse for Andrew, but we are going to wait until Andrew is a little older to put it together.
This was a very special time, we loved it and had so much fun!
Taylor's new birdhouse is sitting on his dresser, waiting to be hung out by the water early this Spring...It'll make that bluejay that hangs out on Carrie Ann's window sill a very nice home!
Thank you Mr. Adrienne!!!! {And thank you Mrs. Bonnie for rocking Andrew to sleep!}


  1. Thanks for sharing your kids with my mom and dad. Mom loved rocking Andrew to sleep.


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