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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just another ordinary day!

     We began our new Bible study this past Wednesday on the book of Jonah. I am sooo excited about this study because Mrs. Kay is leading us through the book, verse by verse, my favorite way to study Scripture! I think I was more excited Wednesday morning than any other.
     I got us all prepared on Tuesday night, uncertain just how I was going to make it out the door on time without any meltdowns. It was our first time back to Bible study since Carrie Ann had arrived. I packed the diaper bag for Andrew, including both boys' snack bowls and extra snacks. Packed Carrie Ann's bag, bottles, diapers, etc. It was all in vain!
     Jim and I awoke to rattling coming from our bathroom Wednesday at 6 stinkin' a.m....I had only just fallen back asleep from feeding Carrie Ann. The sound is our two other little monkeys hanging out in our bathroom (our bathroom, closet and laundry room are all connected so you can get there from the kitchen). The rattling is them shaking their snack bowls to get their goldfish out. Six a.m.!!!!!!!!!! They usually don't get up until at least 7!!! Awful, just awful! Jim put them back in their rooms. At 7, I got up with the boys and fixed their breakfast, found the trail of goldfish and raisins the boys had made. Turned on a cartoon and sat both boys on the couch while I went for a shower. I do this just about everyday. Well, not the breakfast part, Jim usually does that, but I usually turn on a cartoon for them while I get a shower.
     I'm showering, Jim's shaving. I get out, hear the boys having way too much fun for Mr. Philips, so, in my towel, wet hair, I head to the kitchen, when I arrive, this is what I found:
     Can you see Taylor standing there in the background? He's saying, mommy I didn't do it..Andrew did it. Andrew did it, Andrew did it.
Andrew was soooo proud of himself, he threw his hands up and it rained flour. When he got up to walk away, he acted as if he was skiing...
Upon further examination of this picture, I can see that Andrew didn't in fact act alone...there are big brother sized footprints all through that stuff! If anything, he instigated and cheered him on!
     Can you see why I was really looking forward to Bible study that morning!
     I know what you might be thinking, same thing I would think had I seen this happen to someone else: where were the parents? Well, I was in the shower, Jim was shaving. Mr. Philips 47 inch was babysitting. Might sound more pathetic had we been doing productive, more necessary things like nursing Carrie Ann or using the bathroom, something like that. The pantry, from which this flour was retrieved, had a child safety lock on it...ironic dontcha think!
     I held it together, I didn't cry, at least not then. While I was drying my hair, not once, but twice, Andrew pulled the two Swiffers and dust mop down out of the laudry room, breaking my beloved Swiffer Vac in the process. As I was digging through the boys' dresser drawer for matching socks, I lost it...I am the the one who had the meltdown! I stood there and cried like a baby!
     For lunch, I strapped those kids in the car and made them eat in their car seats...I didn't want to clean anything else up! Then...2 minutes before naptime, I am feeding Carrie Ann. Taylor starts giggling, pointing and squealing. Andrew has taken his pants off, along with his diaper! He's standing in the middle of my blessed dry clean only rug {note to self: never buy one of those again, no matter how good it makes your room look}. DO NOT PEE ON MY RUG!!! He takes off running, I can't unlatch Carrie Ann fast enough.
 Yep, that's exactly what you think it is! Tee Tee!
And again...he was soooo proud of least he stepped around it before he ran off!
     So now, I have a broken Swiffer Vac and ruined the filter on my vaccuum, because apparently, you aren't supposed to suck up flour with it! Go figure!


  1. When you got to Bible study, one would have never known what you had been through!! We were all so glad you were back and so happy to see little Carrie Ann. Hang in there - this too shall pass!

  2. When my youngest two were 2 and 3 they not only did the same flour trick - they coupled it with Crisco!! I washed them first. Then while I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, they soaked a roll of toilet paper in the potty, pinched off little pieces of the wet tissue and papered the bathroom walls. They are 38 and 39 today so both they and I lived through it ... but I wonder what it says that I can still remember the day in vivid detail? Just sayin'


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