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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playroom Makeover

This disaster is was our playroom.
This is the playroom when it was in somewhat of an orderly state...
With some convincing, Jim let me sell the couch, and it's matching loveseat, woohoo!
This wasn't a room on our original home plans. It was the space for the dining room, and just a column where the corner is. We had the area walled up and added french doors so we could use it as a study or playroom. With a tight budget, I am well on my way to making it a fun playroom for our kiddos as well as a warm, cozy place for Jim and I to come be alone and watch t.v.
We  {Jim was out running and I was supposed to be doing something I'm sure a lot less straining...I did do this 2 days before Carrie Ann arrived!} I started by cleaning out the room.
The floors in this room are great, but we are carpet people and I want it to be warm and soft for the kids.
For $48 I bought a carpet remnant from a local carpet company that was just a foot larger than the actual size I needed. I also purchased carpet padding to help soften up the feel and to help protect the hardwood.
Andrew didn't think it was a good day for a nap and thought he'd help his pregnant mama instead.
Using a tape measure, scissors and Jim's {haha} new rotary tool set, I cut the carpet remnant to fit. I shewed Andrew off to the living room to play with his un-assembled train table.
Back when I made my trip to IKEA the day after Christmas, we got this really cool shelf on the super inexpensive side. Now, had I been aware of Ana over at Knock Off Wood: How to Build Knock-Out Knock Off Furniture, I would have built and customized it myself...but I didn't so I got this shelf for $69!!!
The shelf to the right is also an IKEA piece, that we bought before moving to this house.
And, Wahla!!!  And stays this perfect all the time. Gotta go pick out a cool lamp for the far left, to finish out the look. The big black bins are all sorted with different toys and I intentionally put the heavy stuff in them so the boys wouldn't pull them out!
This room is..To Be Continued...because I got interrupted by labor...but that is okay. As soon as I am fit and able, I will go lamp shopping at none other than my mecca...Hobby Lobby...  At the opposite end of the room, beside the window will sit a big comfy chair and ottoman. I will visit my favorite fabric store..PHI Fabric Wholesales here in Tupelo and get some fabric from their clearance reems to make curtains for the window and for the french doors. {just in case we ever have a house full and need to use it for sleeping!} On the right wall, I intend to use magnetic and chalkboard paint and make a big chalkboard/fridge door for the boys...they love the chalkboards in their rooms.
It's still a work in progress, but Jim and the boys have been very pleased with how it has turned out so far!!
To be continued....

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  1. I can't believe that you did all that right before you went into labor! It looks great!!


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